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Grisly Cave is a location in Dyrford Crossing.


A spider infested cave, inhabited by Korgrak and his bears.


  • Korgrak A meddlesome ogre, can be hired for the stronghold.

Companion reactions[]

Some companions may comment upon entering Korgrak's part of the cave:

  • Aloth: "It could be worse. There could be more bones."
  • Sagani: "I'm going to guess that whatever lives here gets very, very hungry."
  • Kana Rua: "Orlan, human... Oh, and some aumaua bones..."
  • Hiravias: "The sad thing is, these bone piles look like the sort of mess I leave whenever I camp in one place for too long.... I should probably eat more vegetables."
  • Grieving Mother: "I can see this place through your eyes... we should take care."
  • Edér: "Someone's a messy eater."
  • Maneha "I usually like surprises. I don't think I'm gonna like this one."

Related quests[]

Side quests[]





Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Grisly Cave, see here.

Starting from the bottom left entrance, clockwise

Web Sac (northwestern corner, left):
Web Sac (northwestern corner, center):
Web Sac (northwestern corner, right):
Web Sac (north central):
Web Sac (northeastern corner):
Spider Queen:
Bone Pile (Hidden, Difficulty 7 - stash near the spider queen):
Bone Pile (Near Korgrak):
Container (Hidden, Difficulty 8 - stash in Korgrak's bed):


Behind the scenes[]

  • This area contains developer commentary, explaining the characterization of Korgrak the ogre.
Korgrak's lair was another level during the vertical slice phase of development. This scene was made to evoke the familiar but always fun scenario you might find in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign: there's an ogre bothering a local town, go find his dark, foreboding cave and kill him. However, with Pillars, we always like to subvert the player's expectations where we can. In this instance you have the trappings of your typical ogre lair, fit with piles of bones and the smell of death, but once you actually encounter Korgrak, you quickly learn he's not some dumb creature. He's rather perceptive of your intentions, and has his own motivations for stealing Rumbald's pigs.

Like many of the creatures in our game, we try to put a different spin on the typical fantasy characterization. Ogres in Eora are intelligent creatures, that through their own paranoia of others - especially their own kind - live lives as solitude, and are prone to agitation and outbursts of anger. Korgrak is no different, and we aim to make this conversation with him reflect this. If the player understood this right away, and choose to treat the ogre as a rational creature, they'll be rewarded with avoiding a rather difficult encounter.

~ Matthew Perez, Junior Designer