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Guardian's Plate is a soulbound plate armor in Beast of Winter. It can be bound to any class.

Description[ | ]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Though likely a thousand years have passed since the Glamfellen crafted this armor, it seems impeccably cared for - at least until it spent four centuries frozen to a corpse. The magic of the Vytmádh has permanently altered the armor, encasing it in jagged spurs of ice.

Whether the armor bore these blessings of the White Void when worn by the temple guardians of centuries' past remains unclear.

Level 1
Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

He knew the Land only as stories. A vast white emptiness, like the blue sea around the temple, but cold and hard. He imagined the snow bears, great white masses of fur and muscle, and the walruses, with their spear-like tusks raking the ice for food, and dreamt of sledding across the ragged, frozen land.

He would never set eyes upon them. His place was here, in this ancient temple, watching over the White Maw, protecting it from those who would despoil it and casting away the tools and weapons of the lesser divines.

Level 2
Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Rynhaedr took him aside one afternoon, after their exercises. The chosen of Rymrgand had only a few winters on him, but she'd been personally tapped by Winter to stand watch at the gate to his dominion. She wore that authority like a mantle, shoulders squared, chin raised. Confident.

She sent him from the isle then - to the Land. To know the Land, she explained, was to know Winter. There could be no understanding of one without understanding of the other, and a guardian must know Winter as they know themselves.

So he found himself, heart near to bursting within his chest, bundled against the cold on the next supply ship, its prow pointed south.

Level 3
Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

He returned a hard man to a frozen home.

The Land had forged him anew of hoarfrost and rime - once-soft hands now hard as ice, formerly-lanky arms now bulging with muscle, clean face now boasting a beard as full and white as a snow bear's pelt.

But all were dead. Some had been torn apart, their limbs scattered and ribs opened. Others stood frozen at their stations. Rynhaedr herself held the opened Maw, vigilant even in demise.

He felt no sadness, no pulsing fear. He understood the Land, and so he understood Winter. When the growl rose from the Maw, he knew it for an interloper. He took up his spear and his shield, and he strode into the Void.

Acquisition[ | ]

  • [BW] Temple of Decline: Salvaged from the frozen elf by the Vytmádh gate. Requires one of the following to remove the armor from its previous owner (on any character in party).
  • Then one of:
    • Prybar to carefully pry it free (does not shatter the elf).
    • Might 14 to pull the armor free.
    • A non-passive Fire-keyword ability to melt the ice with magic.
  • Nothing is lost or gained if you happen to shatter the elf, a female Glamfellen, in the process. If you manage to destroy the elf, you can say a prayer for her soul (incites a reaction from Tekēhu and Pallegina - no relationship adjustment), or have Xoti absorb the soul.

Enchantment tree[ | ]

Note: Only includes soulbound upgrades. All applicable upgrades may be applied at once.
Entropy Guard
Adrenaline Rush
Plagued Strength

Soulbound upgrades[ | ]

Level Requirements Classes Value Enchantments
1 Reforge the soul of a follower of Rymrgand Any class Copper pires (cp)3,040
2 Receive 100 Afflictions Any class Copper pires (cp)5,840
3 Collect the rest of Rynhaedr's Equipment Any class Copper pires (cp)6,040

Notes[ | ]

  • Guardian's Plate has reduced Burn armor rating compared to regular plate armor, but does not have a reduced Shock armor rating.
  • Rynhaedr's equipment consists of:
  • First objective is completed when you reassemble Rynhaedr in shattered passage.