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Guardian of Ukaizo
Portrait Ukaizo Guardian Convo.png
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Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
Race Construct
Faction Engwith
Defenses Def: 44 Fort: 128 Ref: 82 Will: 92
DR 13
Elemental DR Slash:
Crush: 10
Shock: 10
Corrode: Immune
Talents Immune to Resolve and Intellect afflictions, Resistant to Dexterity, Might, and Perception afflictions
Location Ukaizo Harbor
Quests The City Lost to Time
You are the first kith to visit the shores of lost Ukaizo, and you will be the last.

We hope this puts your brilliant mind at ease.

Guardian of Ukaizo is a character in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


The creature stares down at you with only dim recognition of your presence. Water drips down the tip of its mallet-like head.

In the days of old Ukaizo, there lived three dragons. As servants of Ngati, they swore to protect the islands and adra of the Deadfire Archipelago with the aid of the Huana who ruled there. This agreement served both the dragons and the Huana well for countless decades.

And then the Engwithans arrived.

The Engwithans were quick to endear themselves to their Huana hosts, and together these two great societies constructed machines across the archipelago with the power to sort, sequester, and destroy souls. Many thousands of Huana willingly sacrificed themselves to aid in the machines' creation, for they believed the Engwithans' project to be a noble one.

The Engwithan machine built at Ukaizo was the most precious of them all. Knowing they would need a guardian to protect it, the Engwithans entreated the three dragon servants of Ngati with an offer - the Engwithans would grant the dragons eternal life at the cost of their eternal service. The dragons thus allowed the Engwithans to tether their souls to a single beast, the Guardian of Ukaizo, and rejoiced in their new, undying form.

But the Guardian of Ukaizo's celebrations were to be short-lived. When the Engwithans sacrificed their society on the altar of apotheosis, the god who would become Ondra called down a great storm upon the city of Ukaizo and the surrounding islands, so intent was she to hide the evidence of the Engwithans' ascent to artificial godhood.

And so it was the Guardian of Ukaizo became the keeper of a dead city, bound in body to forever protect a place that no longer existed.


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This character is involved in quests.

The City Lost to Time


  • The City Lost to Time: The Guardian is the final enemy standing in the way to the lost city and its bounty of knowledge. You can pester him with questions to gain a lot of lore, if you Have Athletics 5 and Bluff 4, History 4, or a Cipher or Chanter class.