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Hadret House is a building in Brackenbury that houses Lady Webb's intelligence services protecting Defiance Bay.


The former manor of Duke Admeth and his father,[1] Hadret House was selected as the headquarters of the Dunryd Row, the intelligence service of the Free Palatinate of Dyrwood. Among the luxurious furnishings and furniture, the state's greatest ciphers work tirelessly to ensure the security of the colonial nation.

Points of interest[]

  • Note: Once you are asked to arrive at the Hadret House by Lady Webb's messenger, approaching the building in Brackenbury will result in an attack by six assassins. Furthermore, you will receive another vision of a past life as Thaos' missionary, where the old man inquires as to your neglect of your duties. It turns out that the Watcher's past self wanted to leave the order, giving you the ability to define just what happened: Horror at what the fresh converts were doing, sacrificing and mutilating themselves, family abandoning them, doing something unforgivable, or being attacked. Either way, Thaos will use his silver tongue to convince you to remain in the order and be a part of his Inquisition.
  • The lower floor is oriented around a central war room with Kurren. The adjoining chambers contain a mess hall and armory to the south-west, another armory to the northwest, and an adjacent break room with vintages older than even Defiance Bay.
  • The upper floor contains even more offices, including a large board covered in pictures of persons of interest to the Dunryd Row. Lady Webb's office is in the back, in the master's bedroom, together with a massive desk covered in a thick layer of papers.



Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Hadret House, see here.
Ground floor:
Armoire (Locked - Difficulty 6):
Chest (southwest) (Locked - Difficulty 5):
Chest (northeast):
Weapon Rack:
Upper floor:
Chest (south):
Chest (north):



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