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Harapo Epic is a quest item in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

This stone tablet is much eroded after years of neglect, but the elegant Huana runes decorating its surface have endured for untold millennia:

"Though god-stricken skies and mile-high waves tossed my ship, my mind's compass never wavered from dear Ukaizo.
When a splintered mast - such traitorous lumber - hit me across the brow, I was knocked into a vision of pearlescent shores.
I awoke on black-watered seas of terrible calm, with no two stars paired in a familiar form. Paddling my wreck with makeshift oars, I came at last upon an isle where each neighbor spoke a different tongue.
For all that I sailed in the years after, never again would my spyglass take in the peaks of wonderous Ukaizo.
I sat up in bed, then of an age when the tears came unbidden, pondering where sleep had ended and dreams began.
Rising to meet the sun, I found it still to be night, though a false glow ignited the shapely sky.
An azure beacon stood up from the horizon, and familiar anthems filled my ears. It was then I spotted a ship, a lively crew of youths, setting sail for their horizon - a frontier that had once been mine.
s To those shores I was a departing echo, but someone would find them again. Someone worthy to alight on the sands of lost Ukaizo."