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Hard Feelings is a task in Pillars of Eternity.


Bricanta Doemenel asks the Watcher to make an example out of a man named Kolfecg as a favor. He had the gall to insult her!


You get this quest from Bricanta Doemenel on the second floor of Doemenel Manor in Brackenbury. In order to get access to the second floor, you need to either:

Speak with Bricanta, who wants you to beat up Kolfecg.

  • Travel to Ondra's Gift and enter Kolfecg's house. He explains that he simply turned down her advances in a not so elegant way.
  • You can convince Kolfecg to leave (you have to lie to Bricanta about his death), beat him up (with a variety of disposition responses), or outright kill him. These will all resolve the quest.
  • Return to Bricanta, and she'll let you browse her special wares.

If you completed the quest to Bricanta's satisfaction, later you will find that she has broken into your room at Brighthollow and left you a thank you note by your bedside table.


  • The Watcher only gets a minor amount of Deceptive disposition for lying to Bricanta Doemenel, which on its own is not enough to get 1 rank in Deceptive disposition.


ID Objectives
0 Hard Feelings
10000 Bricanta Doemenel asked me to make an example out of a man named Kolfecg as a favor.
1 Confront Kolfecg in Ondra's Gift.
10001 Bricanta said that Kolfecg lives somewhere in Ondra's Gift. She told me I can handle him however I'd like.
2 Return to Bricanta.
10002 I've dealt with Kolfecg. Bricanta will want to know what happened.
End states
Yes Kolfecg Dead
30000 I've killed Kolfecg. Bricanta was pleased with my work.
Yes Kolfecg Injured
30001 I injured Kolfecg and warned him against insulting the Doemenels. Bricanta was happy with how I handled her problem.
Yes Kolfecg Left
30002 I convinced Kolfecg to leave town and convinced Bricanta that I'd killed him. She was happy that he had been dealt with.
No Quest Failed
30003 Bricanta is dead. This hurt my reputation with the Doemenel family and I can't collect any kind of reward from her.