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Harsh Medicine is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Several Roparu in the Gullet have fallen ill with drowner's lung, a deadly and contagious disease. Pitli, a priestess from the Children of the Dawnstars, is caring for them in secret and needs medicine.


  • Pitli believes that Delver's Row can provide the necessary medicine. She doesn't know how to get there, but thinks that people who hang out at the local tavern might.
  • You can talk to Overseer Hitengo about this and the sick will be taken away and likely die.
  • Speak to Fyrna at The Hole regarding the location of Delver's Row (or see The Narrows for details), and then make your way there.
  • Once in Delver's Row, talk to Ernezzo in his shop to the northwest of the area. You can either pay Copper pands (cp)800 for the medicine, or do a little favor for him - kill The Spindle Man.
    • Talking to The Spindle Man will reveal a hidden entrance to the storeroom if you reveal Ernezzo's plans towards him. He will ask that you kill Ernezzo instead. In exchange, The Spindle Man promises to give you better prices (a 10% discount) at his store.
    • You can also hire Rust to assassinate either Ernezzo (for Copper pands (cp)300) or The Spindle Man (for Copper pands (cp)600 - due to the additional guards). Rust will take a day to get the job done. You can also ask him about the cure to drowner's lung, he'll think you're diseased and point you towards Ernezzo.
    • Alternatively, you can sneak into the side room and steal the medicine yourself.
    • Another option is just to kill Enezzo for the medicine. His gang leave the shop at night to drink, meaning less enemies to deal with.
  • Either way, once you've retrieved the Drowner's Lung Medicine, return to Pitli. You can demand payment or just give it to her for a warm fuzzy feeling and Halgot's Warmth, a unique ring.
  • Once you leave Pitli's Sanctuary, you will be contacted by a Cloaked Messenger who will invite you to meet Dereo the Lean at his lair in The Narrows. This is one of multiple ways you can gain access to the lair.


  • After accepting the offer to kill the Spindle Man and informing him of the request of Ernezzo to have him killed. He will ask you to kill Ernezzo instead though most likely turning the whole Delver's Row against you, using a Delayed Fireball then closing the door can accomplish the task without angering anyone but his guards who can't see you.


ID Objectives
0 Harsh Medicine
10000 Several Roparu in the Gullet have fallen ill with drowner's lung, a deadly and contagious disease. Pitli, a priestess from the Children of the Dawnstars, is caring for them in secret and needs medicine.
1 Go to Delver's Row in the Gullet.
10001 Pitli thinks I could find the medicine she needs on Delver's Row.
20001 Pitli doesn't know how to reach Delver's Row, but the people that hang around the tavern might.
2 Find drowner's lung medicine on Delver's Row.
10002 Delver's Row is bustling with shops and suspicious characters. One of them is bound to have the medicine Pitli needs.
20009 Ernezzo is rumored to have the medicine.
20002 Ernezzo promised to give me the medicine if I kill the Spindle Man, another Delver's Row merchant.
20003 Some of Ernezzo's gang leave his shop at night to go drink. It will be lightly guarded then.
20005 The Spindle Man proposed that I kill Ernezzo instead. It promised me lower prices in return.
20004 The Spindle Man mentioned a secret entrance to Ernezzo's storeroom. I can sneak in from the wooden catwalk east of his shop.
20010 The Spindle Man is no more.
20011 Rust will eliminate Ernezzo for me.
20012 I've hired Rust to kill the Spindle Man.
20013 Ernezzo is dead.
3 Give the drowner's lung medicine to Pitli in her home in the Gullet.
10003 I have the medicine Pitli needs. She and the sick Roparu are waiting for it at her home in the Gullet.
20006 I stole the medicine from Ernezzo.
20007 I killed Ernezzo and took the medicine.
End states
Yes 30000 I informed on the sick Roparu. Pitli and her charges were banished to the Old City.
Yes 30001 I gave the medicine to Pitli. She and the sick Roparu are recovering.
No 30002 Someone critical to this quest has died.