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Hazanui Karū is a character in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Hazanui Karū paces near her desk, looking like a shark circling the shallows. She clenches a long, elegant pipe between her teeth, the smoke trailing an acrid wake behind her.

She looks up when you enter and favors you with a brief nod of acknowledgment.

A middle-aged woman with a square jaw and tar-stained teeth, hazanui (admiral) Karu is the commander of all Royal Deadfire Company forces in the Deadfire. She's not especially large for an aumaua, but she carries her shoulders high. Her weathered face looks to have seen many storm-blown and sun-beaten days on deck, yet her eyes are sharp and keen. Karu wears a prosthetic right arm, an exquisite piece, with reinforced joints in each of the fingers and a smooth, sanded finish. It is the result of a wound suffered in the first year of her first command, when a lucky pirate shot near Rauatai's coast landed a shot near their powder store. Karu ran below decks, smothering the fire with her uniform, then with her bare hands to save her crew.

This tenacity and drive defines her. Beyond the willingness to sacrifice and devotion to duty, she is an exemplar of the extremes of militarism that permeate Rauatai under the current ranga nui, though nobody can dispute her ability to deliver results. She dislikes the Vailian Trading Company for several reason, including their duplicity, focus on trade, and their position as a rival to Rauataian interests in the Archipelago.


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