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Hearthsong is a district of the Glanfathan city, Twin Elms, in Eir Glanfath.


The commons district of Twin Elms and the only one where foreigners are permitted to mingle with Glanfathans (barring extraordinary circumstances). It's a place where Glanfathans and estramorwn may gather together, as well as the site of the Passage of the Six, where Glanfathan tribal leaders, the anamfatha, meet. Other public areas include the open-air market and the Celestial Sapling.

Points of interest[]

  • Hearthsong is divided into three distinct levels. The lowest level contains the entrance from Elmshore in the southwest and the main gates (you'll be accosted by a Glanfathan guard and informed of the rules that you're expected to follow), with the elevator to the Celestial Sapling in the southeast and exit to Twin Elms in the northeast. A Glanfathan home is also nearby.
  • In the heart of the area is the Passage of the Six, center of governance for Eir Glanfath whenever the anamfatha decide to meet. The same level has the Hearthsong Market in the northwest corner.
  • The topmost level contains the Builders' Hearth, the passage to Oldsong, and two more Glanfathan homes.


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Notable loot[]


Note: For a complete list of fixed and random loot found in Hearthsong, see here.
Barrel (center):
Barrel (western edge):
Barrel (northwest):
Crate (north):
Barrel (south):
Wooden Box:
Barrel (northeast):


Behind the scenes[]

Welcome to Twin Elms. Hearthsong is the commons district of this city, where glanfathans live and mingle and where foreigners are allowed to stay in the city, all other places are forbidden. Being the hangout spot, I designed the place with a couple of things in mind. It had to have an inn, a market place, plenty of dwellings, an an important ritualistic building. Also to emphasise the union of glanfathan and ancient engwithan architecture, the design blends the two architectural styles in a way that seems almost organic.

Sean Dunny - the environment artist that turned the complex 3D blockout into really an amazing 3D render - commented after his first pass on the area that he totally wanted to live in a place like this, and it was awesome to hear that response because that's exactly what I was aiming for when first blocking out the area.

It was also important to give a sense of what glanfathan society was like, and to contrast it immediately with the people of Defiance Bay. This was accomplished with a few key details, for example one, the glanfathans are warlike, pretty much everyone is armed and geared for battle. Two, glanfathans live in relative harmony with other creatures of the wilderness, boasting many rangers and druids, and defend their town with the aid of tame stelgaer prides. Lastly, glanfathans have their own kind of voice and a way of looking at the world which was conveyed in the figures of a speech from the moment that you set foot in the city

~ Jorge Salgado, Designer