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History and Contradictions, Vol. 2 – The Huana is a book in The Forgotten Sanctum.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

“The Huana have conflated their cultural history with fanciful tales of divinely-gifted stewardship. The most prevalent example is a myth involving three guardians who accepted a covenant from their resident fish goddess, Ngati. In exchange for their vow to protect the islands, the tribes, and the luminous adra, the guardians received the boon of watershaping.

Watershaping is indeed a remarkable talent, but there’s no evidence to suggest that it’s divinely-sourced. Where comes this talk of covenants, then?

There are other tales - ones which suggested that the great kings and queens of Ukaizo made compacts with dragons.

What if the long and undocumented millennia, like an oyster turning sand into a pearl, layered a myth around the reality?”

The account continues along this vein, though it’s findings are largely speculative.