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Horns of the Aurochs is a helm in Beast of Winter.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

An infamous aumaua raider came across a small forge of Abydon's servants and slaughtered them all - save one smith, who hid amongst a crate of supplies. The dwarf called out to the aumaua, offering an exchange. She would craft the finest helm the raider had ever seen if he would spare her life. The raider granted her one week and demanded that the armor honor his patron - the Beast of Winter.

The smith toiled endlessly until the last evening, when she set the helm just outside the forge's unbarred door. The helm was gone the following dawn, and the sanctum to Abydon never plundered again.


Behind the scenes[]

  • Created by Ian Randall.
Concept art and renders by Ian Randall