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Disambig.png This article is about the faction. For the location shown as House Doemenel on the world map, see Doemenel Manor.

House Doemenel is a faction in Eora. It's based in the Dyrwood. The Doemenels try to regain the power they lost after the revolution in the Dyrwood.


The Doemenels were a small Aedyran family that dealt almost exclusively in textiles. They made a modest living, slowly gaining a reputation for having high-quality products. This reputation earned them connections – business, social, and sometimes marital – that solidified their position as the premiere family of the region. If you wanted access to anyone, the Doemenels were the way to do it.

Soon, every city had a business that was owned, at least in part, by the Doemenels. Their power and influence grew until many said the family had more power than even the fercönyng of Aedyr.

Rumors were spreading of threats, and extortion. Though it cannot be proven, the unofficial report is that the Doemenels were responsible for the death of Trindig Byrnwigr which left his entire shipping empire in the hands of his wife, Udele Doemenel Byrnwigr.

With their hold on the land practically secured, the Doemenels no longer stuck to the shadows, brazenly eliminating opponents, manipulating deals, and threatening anyone who might cause them a problem. Because they now dominated the trade route, no one dared oppose them anymore for fear their business would be strangled.

Their power crumbled after the War of Defiance. Unlike most of the land, the Doemenels sided with Aedyr instead of Admeth Hadret. After the defeat of the empire, they could not rebuild what they had. And, having history show them on the wrong side of the war, no one would touch the name. And so they lost most of their power.


Like any other crime family, the Doemenels thrive on hierarchy and silence. Any hireling of the house is expected to follow orders without hesitation or doubt. In return, they receive the support of a wealthy and powerful house. Gedmar Doemenel exercises total control over his family, though he prefers using subtlety and guile to obtain his goals. Abrecan Doemenel, his son and second in command, lacks the wisdom, making up for it with sheer brutality.

Known members[]