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Biography and appearance
Game Seeker, Slayer, Survivor
Race Nature godlike
Gender Female
Culture Deadfire Archipelago
Level 20
Quests The Proving
Internal Name
GUID 45e4a933-e7f9-4d46-ac8f-6e56cef6e9a8

Humaire is a character in Seeker, Slayer, Survivor.


Hides drape the broad shoulders of the woman standing before you, and curved horns exaggerate her already prodigious height. Moss grows in patches on her bark-like skin, and as she turns her faintly glowing eyes towards you, her lips part into a smile, revealing two jagged rows of shark-like teeth.

Humaire is the caretaker of the island and the trials of Galawain that take place within the arena, dedicated to the faces of the Hunt. She is responsible for sending Muatu out in his rather unique form, believing that the Watcher is necessary to resolve the problems the island is having. She started her career at the Crucible over 30 years ago, fighting with her pack for the Survivor. While her pack longed for the world, she remained behind, chosen by the Faces and instructed in caring for the Crucible. She hasn't left the island for decades, cured of its wanderlust by the task of maintaining the arena for the contestants.


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This character is involved in quests.

The Proving


  • The Proving: Humaire presides over the challenges the player has to complete to become accepted.

The Watcher can safely slay her without failing the quest. Her spirit isn't entirely upset and still lingers and serve the exact same function. Muatu will comment that Humaire also sacrificed herself for the cause.

Behind the scenes[]