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Hunting Season is a side quest in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


The port of Sayuka (north of Nekataka) has a conflict with druids native to the island. You can try to end the conflict by helping one of the sides.


  • This quest starts automatically after visiting the Sayuka workshop, during the quest Overgrowth. Upon exiting, one of the engineers comes running your way, warning you of an attack on the settlement by a group of Bog Druids. Help defend it by killing all the enemies; Bog Druids leading a pack of Bears, Elder Boars, Tigers and Ice Blights.
  • If you choose, you can also flee Sayuka. This will advance the quest, and the RDC soldiers will take care of the attacking creatures.
  • Once they're taken care of, speak with Fleet Master Okaya. She will thank you, and give you Copper pands (cp)500 - yet another underwhelming sum of money for risking your life. She explains that the druids have attacked the settlement once before, after which a small force was sent to quell them, but they have not returned and are suspected to have been killed. She will ask you to travel to Bentbranch Bog and kill the Druid Leaders yourself.

Bentbranch Bog

  • Travel to Bentbranch Bog, on the island of Sayuka.
  • Once there, a short cutscene will play during which a delemgan will summon a cluster of Assassin Vines, thus blocking the short path to the Druid Leaders. Take the long road around by venturing north, or try to clear the Vines (take care, as Vines are very strong range attackers and will burst down squishy group members in seconds). Keep in mind that you will most likely have to fight the delemgan as well as the Vines regardless of the path you choose.
  • Reach the Druids in the northeastern corner of the location. There will be four of them: the Druid of Spring, the Druid of Autumn, the Druid of Summer, and the Druid of Winter.
  • Talk to the Druids. You can either attack them outright, or attempt to resolve the situation peacefully.
    • The latter is only available if you are a Druid, Ranger, have at least 13 Diplomacy, or if you bear the Nature's Mark (received by un-corrupting the tree on Motare o Kōzi) and avoid dialogue options mentioning the RDC. The Diplomacy option then also requires that you are a Druid, Ranger or Nature godlike, otherwise they will simply tell you to leave.
    • With Tekēhu in your party, you can ask him for assistance too, though he sides with the druids (Worldly disposition).
    • With Maia in your party, she will question your choices should you choose to help the druids.
  • Regardless, they do not want to negotiate peace, and instead demand that you kill Fleet Master Okaya.

Kill the druids

  • You can simply refuse their offer or attack them outright. The fight is relatively tough, and the pair of sigils make it even more so. Once they're dead you can loot them for a substantial amount of Exceptional quality gear, as well as the unique bow Saint Omaku's Mercy.
    • Alternatively, you can agree to help the druids (which will grant you the bow) then kill the druids so that you can claim the reward from Okaya as well. As a side note, this choice also gives you better field positioning against the druids, which can be a nasty battle if you are ill-prepared since there are so many casters.
  • Return to Fleet Master Okaya for Major Positive reputation with the Royal Deadfire Company, the unique Blunderbuss Xefa's Empirical Explication, a Concussion Bomb, 2 Grenades, and 3 Stun Bombs.

Agree to help the druids

  • If you instead agree to kill Fleet Master Okaya, the Druid of Spring will grant you a unique War Bow, Saint Omaku's Mercy. If Maia is in the party, you will lose major relationship (8) for choosing this option. You will, of course, lose Major Reputation with the Royal Deadfire Company if you follow through with the Druids' plan.
  • Return to the Fleet Master's quarters in Sayuka.
  • If Maia was present during the deal with the druids and is still in your party as you walk into the Fleet Master's office, she will betray you, instantly warning Fleet Master Okaya of your plans and becoming an enemy.
    • You can choose to follow through and kill the fleet master. This will please the druids, but the RDC will become permanently hostile against you. Most NPC's in the city will attack you when you leave the building, so be prepared!
    • Otherwise, you can inform Okaya about the Druids' offer for a Reasonable or Honest reputation bonus. She'll still want you to kill them though.


  • In an earlier patch, gaining both the bow and the reward from the RDC was only possible if you agreed to help the druids. This has since been changed, as the Druid of Spring will now always drop the bow, making this "trick" redundant.
  • The Druids will attack you if you pick any dialogue choice besides upper three ones: Druid check, Ranger check, or 13 Diplomacy. If you can pick any of these, they will make their offer, but you can still refuse and attack them.


ID Objectives
0 Hunting Season
10000 A pack of enraged animals led by a group of druids has attacked the Royal Deadfire Company port of Sayuka.
1 Defend Sayuka.
10001 A Royal Deadfire Company soldier warned me that Sayuka was under attack by druids and wild animals. I doubt the druids will know I'm not a Company soldier, so I should help defend the port - if only to save my own hide.
2 Speak to Fleet Master Okaya.
10002 I helped the Royal Deadfire Company soldiers fight off the druids attacking Sayuka. I should find out whether Fleet Master Okaya survived the encounter.
3 Speak to Fleet Master Okaya.
10003 I abandoned the port of Sayuka during the druid attack. The fight is surely over by now, so when I have time, I should see how Fleet Master Okaya and her soldiers fared.
4 Travel to Bentbranch Bog.
10004 Fleet Master Okaya said the druids' leaders are holed up in Bentbranch Bog deep in the interior of Sayuka.

The soldiers she sent to investigate failed to return, so she's asked that I travel to the bog and eliminate the druid leaders myself.

5 Find and kill the druid leaders.
10005 When I arrived at Bentbranch Bog, I discovered that the soldiers Fleet Master Okaya sent were slaughtered by the druids.

Killing the druid leaders should put an end to their conflict with the Royal Deadfire Company in Sayuka.

20000 The druids told me their attacks on Sayuka won't end until Fleet Master Okaya is dead. I could kill her myself, but if I do, I'll become an enemy of the Royal Deadfire Company for good.
6 Return to Fleet Master Okaya.
10006 I killed the druid leaders as Fleet Master Okaya requested. I should let her know the deed is done.
16 Return to the druids.
10016 I killed Fleet Master Okaya as the druids requested. I should let them know the deed is done.
End states
Yes 30000 I wiped out the druids to protect Sayuka. Fleet Master Okaya was overjoyed that logging operations can now being in earnest, and she rewarded me well for my efforts.
No 30002 The Royal Deadfire Company has ordered that I be killed on sight. I doubt Fleet Master Okaya wants my help with Sayuka's druid problem any longer.
No 30003 I killed Fleet Master Okaya, so I can no longer help her solve Sayuka's druid problem.
Yes 30004 I killed Fleet Master Okaya as the druids requested. They should be free from the Royal Deadfire Company's intervention - for now.