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Hylea prefers the worship of two children singing over a thousand petitioners silently praying for victory.
~ The Midwife's Memoirs

Hylea (high-LEE-UH, sometimes HEEL-ee-uh) (Huana: Amira) is the goddess of birds, the sky, child-birth and creative inspiration.[1][2]


Residing in her Court of Birds, she is described as wrapped "in a mantle of many colors, made from the feathers of every species of bird that had ever been seen". She is thought to use birds as her eyes and ears.[2]


Hylea's clergy is a mix of formal and informal followers. Her temples are usually many windowed, with skylights and aviaries. Her informal clergy of country midwives show their devotion in their practice and by wearing charms of colorful feathers. Artists will keep birds in their homes in hopes of inspiration.[2]

Orlans, in an attempt to capture inspiration, catch and eat the most beautiful birds they can find. It's believed that this is an affront to Hylea, and the painful childbirth that Orlans experience is because she has no clergy amongst them.[2]

The Huana often worship her as Amira, and believe she hatched the world from an egg.


Pillars of Eternity[]

  • Hylea is one of the gods you can curry the favor of during Council of Stars and requests that in return, you return the souls to the bodies they were intended for.

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