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Imperial Command is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


The nerve center of Rauataian operations in the Deadfire, Imperial Command holds the main quartermastery, hazanui's office, meeting room, and training facilities for its most elite troops. It is built in the characteristic style of modern Rauataian architecture, but the beauty does not inhibit function.

Points of interest[]

Upper level
  • The upper floor is where the office of the hazanui is located, opposite the entrance. The quartermastery and Sabormi is located in the right wing, next to the stairs leading downward.
Lower level
  • The lower level is where the elite troops of the RDC are quartered. The rooms are arranged clockwise around the central stairwell and include Grand Secretary Atsura's office, the war room, jail, exit to dock, kitchen, and barracks. The barracks are particularly notable for a high amount of stealable loot.
  • The exit on the southern side of this floor leads to an external walkway and shortcut to the main floor. At the top of the stairs is the orphaned dog Pes.