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Insight is a passive skill in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Conversations can be difficult to navigate. People may be evasive, lying, frightened, or preoccupied with other matters. Insight is used to empathize with someone and understand their underlying emotions and motivations.


As with other passive skills, Insight is only used during conversations and scripted interactions, and otherwise has no effect on gameplay or combat mechanics whatsoever.

Initial bonuses[]

The following bonuses are applied as a result of a character's class and background.

Class bonuses:
Cipher +2
Monk +2
Wizard +2
Background bonuses:
Artist +1
Philosopher +2


Passive effects[]

unlimited – obtained during gameplay

Name Modifier Duration
Marofeto Liano's Training +1 Permanent


unlimited – bonus while equipped

Type Item Enchantment Modifier
Amulet Wise Teeth Necklace Old Wisdom +1
Amulet The Third Eye [FS] Divine Intuition +3
Hat Cowl of the Piercing Gaze Woedica's Wisdom +1
Ring Chameleon's Touch Versatile +1 (as Cipher)


unlimited – bonus while equipped to either self or party

Pet Target Modifier
Xopn'aua Self +2

Prostitute boons[]

one – for the protagonist only, lasts until next rest.

Location Prostitute Modifier
Queen's Berth, The Wild Mare Ymir +1

Consumable items[]

unlimited – to the user for a duration

Type Item Modifier Duration
Unguent Blessed Incense +2 120 sec

Notable uses[]

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