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Items encompass objects that may found in various locations throughout Eora and used, sold, or added to the Inventory. There, the appearance of some items can be tinted with the palettes above the character doll. Certain consumables, such as food and drink, potions, and scrolls, can be crafted.


Other equipment
Special equipment

Bonuses from equipment and spells that influence the same stat (attributes, skills, Interrupt value, etc.) do not stack with each other. E.g. if you have a +2 bonus to Might and a +3 bonus to might only the +3 bonus will be applied.[1]


  • Thrown "explosion" weapons: They don't use a special skill, but the character's normal Accuracy, sometimes with a modifier from the item itself.[2]
  • Drugs: give a strong bonus for a short duration, but after this duration they give a penalty.
  • Food and Drinks: can only be used outside of combat and give a long lasting minor bonus.
  • Scrolls: cast spells, but require Lore to use.
  • Figurines: summon creatures
  • Traps: can only be used outside of combat.
  • Potions: give short effects that stack with other item and spell effects, but consuming a potion terminates ongoing effects from a potion currently in effect. Consuming a potion will trigger an animation, in combat it is an interrupt-able action, like any other.[1][3]

Other items[]