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Ixamitl Ricepan is a food item in Pillars of Eternity.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Popular as a dinner entrée in the Ixamitl Plains, the Ixamitl ricepan has hundreds of regional and family variations. Varied as it may be, the dish is often seen as a great unifier in a culture heavily stratified by social hierarchy. Philosophers and wealthy politicians may use rare spices or finer cheeses, but its basic ingredients and ease of cooking have made it a traditional meal for all Ixamitl people. At Ixamitl wedding celebrations, it is common for the couple's close friends and family to spend the previous day cooking enough Ixamitl ricepan to feed everyone at the celebration to come.



Ingredients Cost Qty
Ixamitl ricepan icon.png - 1


  • In earlier versions of the game, this item was named "Vegetable Dish", and the description read "A filling meal of vegetables, rice, and cheese."