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Kângati Islands is a landmass in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


A large stretch of tropical islands to the south of Maje Island.


Northeastern islands
  • The northeastern reef contains a lootable shipwreck.
Tangaloa Island
  • The desert island to the southeast is a remote one, where the Imposter's Lament beached, leaving behind its tortured crew. The major location here is the ruined Temple of Tangaloa, together with the shipwreck itself. You can explore Amira's Whisper for a confrontation with the dead. You can ask Xoti to gather the spirits, bypassing the fight and gaining Elewys' Locket. You can then loot the shipwreck (standard fare) and head over to the ruined temple of Tangaloa to find a new crew member.
Southwestern island
  • A small island to the southwest of the chain, with a rice farm.