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Kahanga Palace is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Kahanga Palace is located in Serpent's Crown, a district in Neketaka perched at the very top of the mountain. It is the grandest and most beautiful building in the entire city, designed to inspire awe and intimidate visitors before Queen Onekaza II, who unified much of Huana tribesfolk under a single banner.

Points of interest[]

Lower floor
  • When you first enter the palace, you automatically enter the throne room where the Vailian count is arguing with the Rauataian hazanui over the destruction of Hasongo. The Queen will use her cipher talents to talk to you directly, then use you as a convenient pawn to maintain the balance of power at Neketaka: Sending you to investigate Hasongo and figure out what happened there. The hazanui will insist on you taking Maia Rua along, as it's a Rauataian colony. This will also start The Brass Empire. Nirro will immediately demand that the Republics have their eye on everything too and assign Pallegina to your side.
  • Once you're free to explore the palace, you can check the side rooms. The shrine to Hylea to the left has Atēpu, a cartographer, with a staircase leading to the upper floor in the back.
  • The Hall of Remembrance to the right has Granis Yirgar, who offers training, and another staircase leading to the upper floor.
Upper floor
  • The upper floor contains the private quarters of the Queen and the Prince (in the left and right wings respectively. The central hall is occupied by courtiers bickering among themselves, with Barati standing near the fountain. The staircase to the northwest leads to the rooftop.
  • This is where the Queen lounges when she's not giving audiences. The private garden is lush and full of gifts from other tribes. You can take the staircases in front to the gallery overlooking Serpent's Crown, with Prissy and Geirvard Calder.


Upper floor
Rooftop balcony
On first entry
During Sabotage at the Brass Citadel / Taking Out the Traders


  • An exceptional tower shield can be found in the prince's rooms, together with Huana colors.
  • Prissy - "Stray Cat": On the balcony overlooking Serpent's Crown.
  • Serpent Crown: Worn by both the queen and the prince.
  • Onepahua's Strength: Unique gauntlets, equipped by Prince Aruihi