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Kai is a coastal aumaua and a recruitable companion in Avowed.

Background[ | ]

Kai is a Coastal Aumaua currently residing in the Living Lands and is one of the only friendly faces you’ll find here. He is a former soldier, and his idealistic and pragmatic temperament will help guide you as you venture out into this wild frontier.
~ Feargus Urquhart on Xbox Wire[1]

Kai is a coastal aumaua from the nation of Rauatai, and given his military experience and exploits in the Living Lands, retains a groomed aesthetic as well as maintaining his physical fitness. He prefers not to overburden himself with heavy armor, and instead relies and skill and speed over bulky defenses, like many Rauataian naval fighters.

Companionable, laid-back, and experienced, he's the most stable and straightforward of the player's companions and the one you'd vote "most likely to have a beer with."

Interactions[ | ]

Avowed[ | ]

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This character is a party member.

Behind the scenes[ | ]

Gallery[ | ]

Concept art


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