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Kana Rua is an aumaua chanter and one of the recruitable companions in Pillars of Eternity. He can be found just outside of Caed Nua.


Kana is a 31 year old aumaua, born in the royal city of Tâkowa in Rauatai. He has golden skin and short copper hair.[1] He comes from a wealthy family with close ties to the royalty, which immigrated to Rauatai from the Deadfire Archipelago. His mother crafts artillery and his father is a coralmason favored by the king. His father commissioned the Gate of Great Teeth in Tâkowa, which protects the city from the raging storms of Rauatai.[2]

He is one of six children, with two brothers and three sisters. The former took up their father's work, while the latter found their calling on the open seas. Kana is the older brother of Maia Rua, a recruitable companion in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.[3]

Kana was free to pursue his greatest passions and joined the lore college, becoming a chanter. He gained three degrees, including theology and history. As an academic he grew interested in things beyond the Rauatai borders including the Engwithans.


Kana is fundamentally opposed to the Pahari and their reactionary traditionalism. Although he appreciates the virtue of firepower and military might, he nonetheless considers isolationism to be harmful to a nation's status. An isolated Rauatai might enjoy safety for a short while, but Kana believes "we will fall behind. And then we'll be the ones getting conquered".[2]

Tanvii ora Toha[]

Kana searches for the Tanvii ora Toha, or "The Book of Virtues", which is a sacred text of Rauatai. He is seeking the text to understand it's original meaning, as there are disagreements over it's interpretation. Kana feels that locating it could prove that Rauatai should keep open borders. He believes it's possible the original text lies beneath the stronghold in the Endless Paths of Od Nua.[2]

Prior to traveling to Caed Nua, he had traveled for a year in search of the text. In Aedyr he discovered a fragment of it in the translation of an ancient Engwithan text, which indicated the holy chant wasn't necessarily authored by Rauatai. As he gathered information on the Engwithans, he drew the attention of the Leaden Key, who first warned him to stop his studies, but then attempted to kill him as he examined Engwithan sites in Ixamitl.[2]


Pillars of Eternity[]

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Time and Tide


  • He can be recruited outside of Caed Nua.
  • As a chanter, he can be a critical asset during challenging fights. His summons also make good fodder if your group is especially squishy.
  • The Collector's Edition Guide describes him as "passionate, introspective, open-minded, academic, verbose, gregarious".[1]

Companion quest[]


  • Kana's endings are determined by how you encourage him in his travels, divided between truth-seeking, confidence (Kana's mission to help his people) and idealism (idealism regarding the past and Engwithans). The dialog in Time and Tide can greatly influence these traits.
  • Kana has dialog after meeting Maerwald that can influence these traits:
    • "It may be my fate, too." → +2 Idealistic
    • "I don't think knowledge was the problem..." → +2 Truthseeker
  • Kana has a dialog that can influence idealism when reaching the south-east corner of Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 1 where the stairs to Level 2 are located:
    • "You sound very impressed by this Gabrannos." → "He does sound impressive." → +1 Idealistic
  • Speaking with Kana after talking to the ghost of Lord Adwellen Rügfald III at the ruined temple of Woedica in First Fires during Never Far from the Queen provides more options to influence his truth-seeking trait:
    • "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself." → +2 Truthseeker
    • "You've had run-ins with the Leaden Key before, haven't you?" → -1 Truthseeker
  • Kana has dialog that can influence truth-seeking when entering the North Ward at the Sanitarium:
    • "There are just as many who come here and are cured of their ills." → +2 Truthseeker
    • "Here's the source of all that knowledge you were so giddy about." → -1 Truthseeker
    • "This is the cost of discovery." → -2 Truthseeker
    • "The animancers justify their sadism with false cures and charlatan's tricks." → -2 Truthseeker
    • "Let's get moving." → -1 Truthseeker
  • Speaking with Kana after the Animancy hearings provides additional dialog that can influence these traits if the outcome is "acquitted":
    • "Whatever mistakes were made, animancy still benefits many people." → -2 Truthseeker
    • "It's a science, like any other. Why should Dyrwood remain a backwater?" → -2 Truthseeker
  • Speaking with Kana after the Animancy hearings provides additional dialog that can influence these traits if the outcome is "outlawed":
    • "Whatever its 'potential', the reality is that animancy has claimed far too many victims." → -2 Truthseeker
    • "His death served the same purpose." → -1 Idealistic, +1 Confident
  • After completing The Master Below, selecting any of the four dialog choices from Kana about a song provides +2 Confident.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[]

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Clearing Out Crookspur

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Minor references, and a brief appearance

  • Kana has a brief appearance in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, but is not voiced and does not have an in-game representation. Upon leaving Crookspur, during the quest Clearing Out Crookspur, he is seen on a Royal Deadfire Company galleon. He is tasked with securing the port against pirates and slavers after you shooed them off the island. Kana reminisces the adventures he shared with the Watcher during his time in the Dyrwood, and his dialogue will reflect some of the choices you made in Pillars of Eternity. With Maia Rua in the party, the two will exchange some lighthearted banter.
  • If you sacrifice Kana to Skaen's Blood Pool during Pillars of Eternity, this interaction will not occur. You can talk to Maia about this at any time while she is in the party.


Note: This section applies to Pillars of Eternity only!





Initial points[]

Kana Rua's initial skill, talent, and ability distribution depends on the level of the Watcher when he is first added to the party. The player is still free to distribute points into whatever skills, abilities, and talents they desire when a companion levels up, and they may be completely retrained at an inn. Kana always starts at a minimum of level 2.

Level Skills Abilities/Invocations Phrases Talents
2 0 0 7 1 0 If their Bones Still Slept Under that Hill, None Can Say
The Thunder Rolled Like Waves on Black Seas
At the Sight of their Comrades, their Hearts Grew Bold
Blessed Was Wengridh, Quickest of His Tribe
3 2 0 7 1 0 Come, Come Soft Winds of Death
4 2 0 9 1 0 Brisk Recitation
And Hel-Hyraf Crashed Upon The Shield
Field Triage
5 2 0 10 1 0 One Dozen Stood Against the Power of the Saint
Rime and Frost Followed the Footfalls of Karth
6 3 0 10 3 0 At the Sound of His Voice, the Killers Froze Stiff Mental Fortress
7 3 0 10 3 0
8 3 0 11 3 0 Gernisc Slew the Beast, but Soon Faced Its Kin Beast Slayer
9 3 0 12 3 0 Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr
10 3 0 12 3 0 Gernisc's Beast Lit the Night with his Breath Quick Switch
11 3 0 13 3 0 Seven Men, Onto the Deck They Went
12 3 0 13 3 0 Rise Again, Rise Again, Scions of Adon! Superior Deflection
13 3 0 14 3 0 Their Champion Braved The Horde Alone They Shielded Their Eyes 'Gainst the Fampyr's Gaze
14 3 0 15 3 0 Two-Handed Style
15 3 0 15 3 0 Mercy and Kindness Followed Where'er She Walked
16 3 0 16 3 2 Called to His Bidding, the Ancient Instruments of Death Beloved Spirits


  • Kana Rua was written by Olivia Veras.
  • He is voiced by actor Patrick Seitz.
  • Before PoE 1.03, Kana had the following Attributes: Mig: 16 Con: 12 Dex: 9 Per: 14 Int: 17 Res: 10.



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