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Kitchen Stove is a blunderbuss in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Taeral Tyrind, dwarf captain of the Vailian privateer carrack Furiato Vielo, learned well the deadly business of deck-to-deck combat over his long years of violent plunder. The blunderbuss, his boarding crew's favored weapon, was well suited to the task of sweeping an enemy deck of opponents - but reloading such a weapon was damnably slow in the heat of combat. Taeral, a capable gunsmith, set forth to improve his own weapon.

He needed a firearm that could be loaded quickly. It had to be able to, in his words, "fire anything, even the godsdamned kitchen stove." In that endeavor, he was successful. The gun he crafted could accommodate just about any type of ammunition so long as it fit down the trumpet-like barrel. Taeral was known to load nails, forks, and even coins into the gun. In a particularly grisly recollection, after suffering a near fatal gunshot wound to the face, he is said to have rammed a handful of his own broken teeth into the trusty weapon before shooting his attacker dead.

Taeral, aged, scarred, and battle-weary, eventually retired. Ill-suited to a life ashore, he fell on hard times and was forced to pawn the weapon that had saved his life many times over. Both he and the weapon faded into obscurity.



  • Thunderous Report / Wild Barrage and Everything and Anything / Frantic Reload are mutually exclusive.
  • Hurried applies a reload time reduction to any off-hand weapon. Frantic Reload, however, does not.
Mod Effect Cost Ingredients Mod removed
Thunderous Report Grants Thunderous Report (1 per encounter: AoE 55° 6.5 m Cone, 7 Penetration, 35-50 Crush/Burn damage, 2.5 m push, Accuracy vs Reflex. If successful, Inflicts Dazed for 15.0 s, Accuracy vs Fortitude) Copper pands (cp)3,000 2 1
Wild Barrage Grants Wild Barrage (2 per rest: -20% Reload Time, Ranged Attacks bounce +2 times, +10% Damage for 15.0 sec) Copper pands (cp)3,000 2 1 Wild Shot
Everything and Anything +5% Damage as Slash, +5% Damage as Crush Copper pands (cp)3,000 1 1 1
Frantic Reload -25% Reload Time Copper pands (cp)3,000 1 1 1 Hurried