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Klink is a character in Pillars of Eternity. He can be found in Gilded Vale, standing just outside Aufra's Home.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

As you near, you feel a vibrant history contained in the essence of this man's soul. Voices from its past seem to call out to you.

You see a small group of people gathered around the ruins of a house. The destruction continues out from the single dwelling, through the entire village. Not a single building still stands, rubble is scattered everywhere.

One of the men in the group leans over something in the debris. It is this man, younger, barely more than a boy. The man reaches out and shakes the boy by the shoulder. The boy makes no sound and doesn't respond to the man's disturbance. The man looks up at the other members of the group and shrugs, standing to rejoin his friends.

The boy suddenly sits up, eyes wide. He scrabbles backward, away from the group, looking around in horror. The group moves toward him in unison, eliciting a yelp from the boy who tries to move farther away. A woman in the group puts out her hands, stopping the rest. She turns to them reproachfully, motions for them to stay, then looks at the boy on the ground, who is trying to push himself through what remains of a wall. He seems unaware he has even stopped. The woman slowly moves toward the boy, hands out, speaking in a low, calming tone. For a time, the boy doesn't even hear, he just closes his eyes and braces himself against the wall, expecting violence. Eventually the woman's words work through the fear and he hears her. He opens his tear-filled eyes and stares at her.

She holds out a hand to him. He looks at it, seeming confused by the offer, then hesitantly reaches out. She takes his hand in hers, and leans down to help him stand.


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This character is a backer-created NPC.