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Was it convincing, then? This final, desperate effort of a man who saw, standing before him, an end to his years of cruelty? The whole of his family worshiped Eothas, before the Saint's War, and now he strives to make up for their misplaced faith by shedding his mercy.

Kolsc is a nobleman from Gilded Vale and a cousin of Lord Raedric VII, appearing in Pillars of Eternity.

Villagers in Gilded Vale and Defiance Bay will talk about him until Kolsc or Raedric dies.


A hooded man waits upon the road, clad in a green cloak. He strides forward to meet you as you approach, and at a closer distance his features are revealed for those of a younger man, though lined with weariness. He appears to be favoring his left leg as he walks, and there is a dark stain upon the fabric of his trousers, under the knee. Kolsc is a member of the Raedric bloodline and cousin to Lord Raedric VII, the current lord of Gilded Vale and surrounding lands. On the surface, he fancies himself to be a man of the people, concerned with liberating the common folk from his cousin's bloody, violent rule.

In practice, he is a man with vision, but also a hunger for power. It may be that deposing his cousin is simply the most effective means to achieving that goal. It may be that he genuinely wants to help the people of Gilded Vale. Nedmar, the priest of the temple, certainly seems to believe that Kolsc is a good choice... Provided Raedric falls, that is.

To make things even more interesting, Kolsc was raised in Raedric's Hold alongside the man he seeks to depose. When the Legacy hit, he took to the woods, creating a rift between Raedric and his men, taking good, loyal men away from service and luring them to his side.


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This character is involved in quests.

Lord of a Barren Land


  • Lord of a Barren Land: Kolsc promises to be a better ruler than Raedric, though that's not exactly a high bar to clear. However, he remains true to his word and does not double-cross you when his cousin is eliminated; a rare gift.

Other interactions[]

  • You can meet him on several situations depending on your reputation, disposition or origin. In any case he will ask you for help to bring down Raedric. The options are:
    • If you have a GOOD reputation on Gilded Vale, he may approach to you after completing any of the Tasks and Side-Quests related to the town and comment on them. Additionally: you can trigger extra dialogue if you have Aristocrat/Noble background
    • If you have a +3 Honest/Benevolent disposition, he may approach to you on the way out of Gilded Vale commenting on how the world needs more people like you.
    • If you have NEUTRAL reputation on Gilded Vale, you will meet him at the far right end of Esternwood warning you about Raedric and his soldiers.
    • If you have Adventurer/Mercenary/Raider origin, he will approach to you at the Black Hound Inn commenting on how you look like a reliable fighter.
    • If you manage to avoid him and strike a deal with Raedric VII you will meet him pretending to be a new follower. You might then kill him, deceive him or switch sides with him. Additionally: you can trigger extra dialogue/reward if you have a Goldpact Knights background with Raedric VII or Kind Wayfarers background with Kolsc while switching sides.
    • If you avoid him and have a Goldpact Knights background or Cruel disposition, you will be informed at Defiance Bay that Raedric VII put is a price on his head. Then you might hunt him at Magran's Fork.
  • If you have a negative reputation at Gilded Vale, he will not appear.
  • If you accept the quest, he will immediately attack you at Raedric's Hold after you killed Raedric VII if you have a negative reputation at Gilded Vale and you massacred everybody at Raedric's Hold.