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I courted a girl for a while, looked like that. Tentacles and all.
~ Edér

A Kraken is a primordial in Pillars of Eternity. They are resistant to Crush damage, but vulnerable to Burn and Corrode damage. It also appears in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, this time invulnerable to Burn, but vulnerable to Slash, Corrode, and Freeze damage.


Sailors across Eora tell stories of the beasts that haunt the deep. Of these, few are more feared than the kraken. Krakens rarely venture to the surface, and they almost never leave survivors in their wake. They are massive, tentacled beasts, capable of crushing small ships and plucking sailors from their decks. Despite their size, krakens' soft, flexible bodies allow them to squeeze through tight spaces in search of prey or shelter. Thankfully, they prefer dark, quiet spaces to open water.

They are cunning hunters and, according to legend, Ondra's terrible servants. As with most sea monsters, the Kraken was created through careful manipulation of the common squid by Cignath Mór researchers. The Engwithans applied the manipulation techniques they refined through work on the Leviathan, and increased both the size and intelligence of the common octopus, creating the ferocious beast serving the gods after the Engwithan ascension.[1]



  • The kraken is an unique creature encountered at the end of Lair of the Eyeless at Cayron's Scar. It's large, durable, and powerful, so take every possible advantage. Weapons with burn lashes are particularly effective. It will be supported by minor tentacles as long as it's alive, so disposing of them is very helpful in getting rid of it before it kills everyone in the party. The biggest challenge comes from the Eyeless Hammers that also appear to harass you.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[]

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  • A kraken is encountered at the end of Overgrowth, if you choose to defy Galawain. It's a difficult encounter, though less so due to the lack of support it has. It's vulnerable to Freeze, unlike its sibling from the White March, and Corrode attacks. Completely immune to fire too.


  • After killing the kraken, 2 kraken eyes will be added to your stash.


  • The Kraken is of Norse origin. It is commonly treated as a Greek beast because Clash of the Titans (1980's, and its sequel, 2000's) used one in its pseudo-Greek mythology.