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Kua o Rikuhu Islands is a landmass in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


A large archipelago of islands in the northeastern Deadfire, between Neketaka and the forbidding Ofecchia Channel. They are largely unsettled, making them a haven for a variety of shady characters.

To the north lies Magran's Teeth, and the storms of Ondra's Mortar beyond. To the east is Mortar's Wrath, a mostly empty section of deep sea.


Western islands

PE2 KoR West.png


PE2 Bekarnas Observatory Island.png


PE2 KoR Central.png

  • Another mass of islands with a few places to explore.


PE2 Cleft You Say.png

  • A small island to the north. Contains three locations: An isolated beach, an abandoned village, and the Whenura Cleft. At the isolated beach you can encounter naga and a totem, then loot the village they sacked.
  • Whenura Cleft is a little more interesting. Once you cross the odd rope, you will find a tree full of dead people hanging off of it, all suspiciously similar to the set up back in Gilded Vale. Once you order your crew to cut them down, you will receive the Footprints of Ahu Taka and can learn that the island was wiped out by a group of raiders from the Dyrwood, who murdered the druid, broke the elders, burned down the holy tree, and hanged the entire Huana village.


PE2 KoR Ikorno.png

  • A lonely island where Ikorno makes camp.


PE2 KoR Flamewalker.png

  • This old lagoon is where you can find an abandoned village and Flamewalker Vessali for the bounty.

Northeastern - "Motare Cluster"

PE2 Motare o Kozi.png

  • The vast lagoon that marks the north-eastern end of the island chain houses Motare o Kōzi. However, to access it, you first need to navigate the Hungry Shoals and Matekau Landing. The shoals refers to a vast reef of underground adra that you must navigate. In order to pass through without problems, you need to have a Master Helmsman (level 4). Matekau landing is where you will encounter Wahaki warriors led by Embēta. You can navigate with Diplomacy 4 or Intimidate 5, then you must either have Intimidate 7, a Druid class, a Good 3 reputation with the Huana, or have completed A Shrewd Proposition by siding with the Wahaki.
  • Make sure to raid the burial site to find Blightheart.


  • In the Backer Beta, Kua o Rikuhu is situated in the south eastern section of the "full" world map, and includes the islands dotted around Tikawara. In the full game, the Kua o Rikuhu Islands are located to the north east, and are comprised of a completely different set of islands, while the islands in the south east are now known as the Tehiwai Islands.