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A Lagufaeth Cipher is a wilder in The White March - Part I and The White March - Part II.


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Lagufaeth are territorial, four-armed amphibians. Though their thick skin protects them from the cold climate of the White March, they tend to favor hot springs. Lagufaeth are communal wilder with rudimentary weapons but a natural aptitude for magic. They are especially dangerous in the mountains, where storms and snowfall may hide their presence from travelers until it's too late. They can remain under ice for extended periods of time and have been known to surprise unwary fishermen.

Ciphers are the analogue of the same type of fighter among the kith, although with a limited number of abilities at their disposal (thankfully).


  • Ciphers are support lagufaeths and in limited supply. They're very vulnerable to Shock attacks. Least concern among the high-level lagufaeths.

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