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Leather armor is a type of medium armor in Pillars of Eternity.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Stiffer and more durable than ordinary hide armor, leather armor is shaped and boiled in oil to achieve its distinctive finish and toughness. Leather armor is often chosen by adventurers who want a balance of protection and speed.

List of leather armor[]

Icon Name DR Value Enchantments
Leather armor icon.png Leather Armor 6 40Copper pands (cp)
Leather armor aloth icon.png Aloth's Leather Armor
6 140Copper pands (cp)
Leather armor fine icon.png Fine Leather Armor 8 240Copper pands (cp)
Leather armor rebels call icon.png Rebel's Call
6 340Copper pands (cp)
Leather armor night runner icon.png Night-Runner
8 440Copper pands (cp)
Leather armor exceptional icon.png Exceptional Leather Armor 10 440Copper pands (cp)
Leather armor kerdhed pames icon.png Kerdhed Pames
8 840Copper pands (cp)