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Lilith is a former lighthouse keeper, now a Cean Gŵla in Pillars of Eternity.

She haunts her residence in Ondra's Gift.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Shrieking sobs pierce your ears and rattle the musty rafters of the lighthouse. They emanate from the spectral figure of a woman hovering in the middle of the room. Each heave of her shoulders unleashes another hair-raising wail.

As you approach, the spirit's cries take on a threatening edge. The swirling mist around its legs ripples with movement. The black pits of its eyes level momentarily with yours.

You're close enough to notice that the spirit's head is tilted back. Even as it looses blood-curdling howls, the faint movements of its head suggest that it's looking toward the windows and scanning the horizon.

The cean gŵla's ghostly hands are stained with something dark. At first, you think it's blood, but it's as black as ink.

Before the War of Defiance, the Elf Lilith was the keeper of the Lighthouse in Ondra's Gift. It was a poor life, but when she learned that her daughter was stealing to pay the daily bread, she turned her out anyways, wanting to never see her again. That would be a mercy of the gods.

Her daughter later became the captain of a pirate ship, the Red Dream, and Lilith started to look for it out in the bay, keeping a logbook with the last day of its sighting. When the Aedyrans arrived and Ondra's Gift was flooded, Lilith ignored the evacuation, stayed in the lighthouse, where she perished. Her spirit transformed into a Cean Gŵla, and she haunts the lighthouse until the Watcher accepts and solves a task, received from Niah.


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The Wailing Banshee


  • The Wailing Banshee: Lilith is the subject of the quest, and it's your job to help her spirit move on.