List of unique shields (Deadfire)

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Unique shields are a major part of the game, as with the overhaul of the crafting system the ability to upgrade generic pieces of equipment was removed. Now each shield has its own upgrades and frequently with many unique options.

List[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Deflection Accuracy Value Enchantments
Shield small ageals focus icon.png The Weyc's Oracular Focus [FS]
12 Copper pands (cp)29,035
Shield small LAX01 thebestdefense icon.png The Best Defense [SSS]
12 Copper pands (cp)28,275
Poe2 shield medium shell icon.png Mundane Shell
16 -4 Copper pands (cp)27,035
Poe2 large shield akolas apex ward icon.png Akola's Apex Ward
18 -8 Copper pands (cp)15,535
Lax02 shield large wintertide bulwark icon.png Wintertide Bulwark [BW]
18 -8 Copper pands (cp)14,285
Poe2 small shield tuotilos palm icon.png Tuotilo's Palm
10 Copper pands (cp)13,775
Poe2 small shield outworn buckler icon.png Outworn Buckler
8 Copper pands (cp)8,035
Poe2 medium shield magrans blessing icon.png Magran's Blessing
12 -4 Copper pands (cp)6,035
Poe2 shield large adra icon.png Cadhu Scalth
19 -8 Copper pands (cp)5,785
Poe2 shield medium 01 icon.png Nerian's Ward
12 -4 Copper pands (cp)5,785
Poe2 small shield shimmer scale icon.png Shimmer Scale
6 Copper pands (cp)3,285
Poe2 shield small xotis lantern icon.png Xoti's Lantern
4 Copper pands (cp)1,535