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Longwatch Falls is a location in The White March - Part I.


A stretch of wilderness in the eastern White March, notable for the large number of hot springs. In times when the Battery was still active, the Falls were part of its outer defenses, with a watchtower carved out of the very stone of the mountain overlooking the central valley where Stalwart stands today.

Points of Interest[]

  • Entering the map from the west, you will find the remains of Ygadr a short distance to the north, starting His Better Half.
  • Hot springs are located to the northwest, manned by a tremendous number of lagufaeths headed by a broodmother (or more depending on difficulty level). Wipe them out to gain access to the hot springs that play a part in The Thermal Pearl and Ygadr's Journal.
  • Dwarven ruins infested with more lagufaeths are located in the center of the map. There is a hidden Durgan Iron Ingot on the lower side, and a body with a fine robe on top. Just a short walk to the south is a buried dwarven watchtower, with the soulbound Greenstone Staff on the body in front of it. The spirits nearby are passive, though looting the staff will cause them to attack.
  • The plateau next to the outpost and watchtower is home to a group of ice trolls and ice blights. You can also find the Gleaming Society in all its splendor (if their bounty is active), with the ice cave beneath the overlook.
  • Across the bridge is a group of ice blights and laguefaths, led by a lagufaeth broodmother. There's a small camp to the north with a locked and trapped chest with random dems and some supplies. The Disciples of the True Flame are found here if their bounty is active.
  • The ice cave located at the bottom of Longwatch Falls can accessed by following the path south of the bridge. The cave houses the alpine dragon, guarded by blights, spectres, and oozes. Ygadr's soul twin can be found here.
  • The path near the camp leads north to a plateau with some shadows, Cean Gŵlas and ice blights (prolific little critters, aren't they?) outside some dwarven ruins. By the ruins, the player can find a hidden Durgan Iron Ingot and the soulbound estoc The Grey Sleeper. Be careful however, as the sword is cursed.


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Notable loot[]


Note: For a complete list of random loot found in Longwatch Falls, see here.
Bone Pile:
Bone Pile:
Chest (Locked, Difficulty 10 / Trapped, Difficulty 12 / Hidden, Difficulty 8):