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Lord Harond is a male elf, that is looking for his missing daughter.


The man wears Aedyre-style robes, simple but elegant. His fine leather shoes look like they were made for padding around indoors, yet they're caked with mud. He yanks at a lock of hair twined around his silk-gloved finger. His fine features are etched with anxiety. This man is no one other than Lord Nestor Harond of Defiance Bay, a prominent noble family that thrived in the Dyrwood since imperial times. He holds the primary estate on the outskirts of Brackenbury, but the family also has holdings in New Heomar, who belong to Lord Harond's sister and her husband. Harond is a firm believer in the superiority of noble blood over that of the common man - after all, Duc Hadret was a noble, as are all the erls and thayns who financed the rebellion.

The fact that Dyrford villagers seem to hold him in contempt drives him mad. All the village was supposed to be was a stopover on the way to Eina's Rest, but Lady Aelys - his daughter's - sudden illness forced them to stay for longer... And it promptly resulted in them staying quite a bit longer when she was abducted. He has since got on the nerves of the villagers even more with his scouring of the area for any clues as to her whereabouts and attempts to strong-arm villagers into helping him in his quest.


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Blood Legacy


  • Blood Legacy: Lord Harond is the target of the entire quest.