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Disambig.png This article is about the skill. For the Pillars of Eternity game lore, see game lore.

Lore is one of the five skills in Pillars of Eternity.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Lore represents a character's accumulated miscellaneous knowledge and trivia, often of occult or esoteric topics. Outside of conversations and scripted interactions, Lore is used to activate scrolls. Higher Lore values allow the character to use higher level scrolls.


Lore has the following effects.

  • Determines the level of a scroll a character may use. In order to use a scroll, a character's lore score has to be twice the number of the scroll's level (except for level 1).

As with other skills, Lore is checked in dialogues and scripted interactions, when there are questions regarding knowledge about the world, its inhabitants or mysteries.

Note that the highest scroll level in Pillars of Eternity is 6 (5 without expansions), so casting-wise, the highest Lore needed is 12. Moreover, as there is only one level 6 scroll (Scroll of Prayer Against Treachery [WM2]), if you do not need to cast this one, you only need Lore 10 to cast all the other Pillars of Eternity scrolls.


Class bonuses[]

Culture bonuses[]

Uses of Lore in interactions[]

Quest dialogs[]

In quest related dialogs the player's Lore score may unlock options of knowledge about things, that otherwise first would have to be asked for, or that allow alternative ways of solving the task.

Quest Location NPC Description Lore required Other requirements
A Moment's Respite Encampment Glanfathan Leader 1
A Moment's Respite Encampment Glanfathan Leader 1 Intellect 15
The Old Watcher Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 1 Maerwald Know what he means when speaking of an Awakening. 2
Fragments of a Scattered Faith First FiresDucal Palace Records keeper Comment about the Dyrwoodans' treatment of Readceran prisoners of war, granting access to the records. 5 Perception 19
Clandestine Cargo BrackenburySanitarium (first floor) Nans Tell her she speaks nonsense and would be very well able to repair the scepter, thus raising its value. 4
Durgan's Battery Caed NuaMain Keep Steward Instead of having to ask where Stalwart lies, you know it's a long way. 2
Durgan's Battery Caed NuaMain Keep Steward Instead of having to ask what Durgan's Battery might be, you know it's the source of the famous steel. 4
The Assassin at Large Hearthsong - The Passage of the Six Anamenfath Bethwl You can point out that her tribe, the Guided Compass, is known to be more open to outsiders than the other tribes. 10
Hard Bargain Hearthsong - Hearthsong Market Alarhî You can mention that the reputation of their tribe to future trading partners is tied to their actions to convince Alarhî to return Rinatto's money peacefully. 10
The Rising Tide The Abbey of the Fallen Moon[WM2] Kaoto You can pass the recitation ritual without gathering clues 10
Ready the Cannons[WM2] Durgan's Battery Wengra You can mention that you have heard that the cannons atop the Battery can hit a target five miles away. 11
Siege of Crägholdt Crägholdt Concelhaut You can mention that Watcher's soul can be used for time manipulation spells. 13

Other dialogs[]

In dialogs, not related to certain quests, the player's Lore score may as well unlock additional conversation options.

Location NPC Description Lore required Other requirements
Dyrford Village Hendyna Ask if she is pregnant. 4
Dyrford Village Lord Harond Tell him that there are better cities to look for a suitor. (Also available with [Intellect 14].) 4
Dyrford Village Lord Harond Ask him why he didn't take another route. 5
Dyrford Ruins Blood Pool Discover what the spirits are. 6


In addition to a character's base Lore, there are various ways to gain further bonuses. Some of these buffs are permanent or can be activated for as long as desired, while others must be enabled and then expire after their duration runs out. Some can only applied to the character themselves, while others apply to allies. Some buffs stack, others are mutually exclusive.

A character's Lore score for a certain attack can benefit from the given number of bonuses from each of the following tables at the same time.

Passive abilities and talents[]

UnlimitedPermanently active once learned

Talent Classes Lore modifier
Hylea's Boon All +1

¹ The tooltip for Dungeon Delver does not mention the skill bonus, but it can be seen in the tooltip breakdown of the boosts to Lore.


One onlyWhile equipped

Weapon type Name Lore modifier


One onlyWhile equipped

Slot Item Lore modifier
Armor Argwes Adra +2
Armor Rundl's Finery +2
Neck Glanfathan Adraswen +2
Head Liripipe of Thinking +2
Feet Viettro's Formal Footwear [WM2] +3


One onlyDuration: see table

Item Modifier Duration
Rite of Ancient Legends +3 120 s


One onlyDuration: see table

Area Inn Room Lore modifier Duration
Copperlane The Goose and Fox Suite of Worldly Wonders +2 2 rests
Caed Nua Brighthollow Library +2 3 rests


One only – For the protagonist only – Duration: see table

Prostitute Lore modifier Duration
Aldwyn +1 1 rest