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Luminous Bathhouse is a location in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Luxurious public thermae operated by Ganor, a moon godlike, the Bathhouse is where the elite of Periki's Overlook and Neketaka in general come to relax. The bathwaters are infused with hand-refined luminous adra, which promotes a holistic balance of the humors (according to the steward). Because of luminous adra's remarkable qualities, it is also a significant investment to both supply and maintain.

Points of interest[]

  • The baths are rather open and full of visitors. Ganor is near the main entrance, offering rooms for rent.
  • Keep in mind the submerged area is a Slog Zone, meaning you cannot run while standing within it.
Boiler room
  • Accessible through a stairwell in the lower left of the main floor is the boiler room, containing two attendants taking care of the massive machine. The small passage in the back leads to Arkemyr's Manor laboratories.
Upper floor
  • Contains the three rooms available for rent at this fine establishment. You can rifle through the cupboards with impunity.


Room Cost Effect(s)
Room bathhouse 01.png Moistened Cove Copper pands (cp)200
Room bathhouse 02.png The Bathyal Drop Copper pands (cp)400
  • +2 Health per 6.0 sec
  • +1 Max Power Pool
Room bathhouse 03.png The Abyss Copper pands (cp)800
  • +25% Beneficial Effect duration
  • +10% Area of Effect

In addition to these available rooms, you can speak to the steward to take a dip in the bathhouse pools for Copper pands (cp)1,000 (or Copper pands (cp)900 if you make him laugh with Insight 4 and Streetwise / Diplomacy 4, Copper pands (cp)2,000 if you piss Ganor off). This counts as resting, and grants Adratic Glow to yourself and all party members (+1 max class resource, and +1 max Empower points).


During Dirty Laundry

Companion reactivity[]

Your companions have reactivity with the steward...

Companion Dialogue
Tekēhu "Tekēhu! A pleasure to see you back so soon. On whose copper do you visit this time?" The bathhouse steward does nothing to conceal his bemusement.
"Today I thank mother Ngati for my captain's deep pockets."

As the chuckles fade, Tekēhu favors you with a sidelong glance.

Xoti If Edér is in the party:
"I mean... if we've all got to get naked, we've got to get naked." She laughs awkwardly, cheeks burning as she glances to Edér.

If Edér is not in the party:
"I don't have to get naked, do I?"

Pallegina "At the academy, all of the brothers had to bathe together. It went about as well as you might expect."

Staring off into the distance, Pallegina begins to disrobe.

And whilst in the pool...

Companion Dialogue
Aloth "Now this is a worthy use for animancy."
Edér "I don't see the point of this. We're just gonna get dirty again when we go back outside."
Maia "Sorry, Ishi. I don't think they have a bird bath."
Pallegina "I had seen the bathhouse before but never entered. I admit its beauty rivals even the salt baths of Gualfi."'
Serafen "Magic Waters. Were like another life ago."
Tekēhu "You look tense, captain. I have a remedy just for that."
Xoti "Oh, good. It's time for my weekly cleansing."
Konstanten "You think this place works on bunions?"
Rekke "Pizu Lipasalis tekagu teslikunub bey sabiyi mapan rek tepituk!"

If he has learned Aedyran:
"Such waste!"