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Mabec's Morning Star is a unique morning star in Pillars of Eternity.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

The paladin Mabec was called to an ancient forest by a vivid dream. In this dream, he watched a tree grow from a seedling to the tallest tree in the forest, only to be felled by lightning strike. He saw himself placing his hand inside the hollow trunk and withdrawing a morning star of incomparable power.

Mabec rode into the forest, following his memory of the dream, only to find the great tree completely intact. Far from civilization and armed only with his sword, Mabec nevertheless began to hack at the tree trunk. It took weeks, but he was eventually able to fell the tree.

Again, however, Mabec was confounded - he found no hollow in the trunk, nor a weapon of any kind. Undaunted, he continued to hack at the trunk, all the way to the tree's thick center ring, which he left intact. When he finished, he took the core of the tree and had it fashioned into the shaft of a morning star. He had his own blade, now as blunt as a wooden sword, melted down and reforged into the morning star's head. So powerful was Mabec's belief in the truth of his vision that the new weapon, though completely unremarkable in its materials, took on its master's zeal, and became great in its own right.


Behind the scenes[]

  • A cut/unused mace version of this weapon exists in the game files - mace_backer_mabecs_mace