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Magic (often referred to as power) is generated by manipulating soul essence. Different groups and people manipulate this energy through a variety of techniques.

Background[ | ]

Magic usage is primarily a trained ability[1], however some individuals seem to have innate abilities, such as the first ciphers that originated in Eir Glanfath.

Curative magic is limited and there is "no quick magical cure for disease or illness".[1]

Source[ | ]

See: Soul

Magic is the manipulation of soul essence (sometimes referred to as "soul energy" or "spiritual power")[2] which is a natural power that flows through Eora.[3]

Some individuals can harness the power of the ambient essence around them. For example, druids and priests "draw ambient fragments of soul energy toward them and shape their effects through practiced concentration"[1]. Power can even be pulled from one's own soul. For example, a caster might channel a spell with "Moeith ixi anath!", or "Power of my soul!"[4] and having a strong soul may make this easier. The individual's body seems to act as a conduit and battery for this power, drawing in replenishment from the unbound ambient essence around them.[1]

Techniques[ | ]

  • Ciphers can manipulate the souls of others and draw essence to focus their magic from their enemies or allies.[5]
  • Chanters can use phrases to "[stir] the collective memory of wayward souls around them, compelling them to generate magical effects in a kind of reenactment".[5]
  • Druids can "tap into the spiritual power that flows through the simple living things of Eora: plants, animals, and sometimes even living stone."[3]
  • Priests, like druids, pull from the ambient essence around them. Which god they are devoted to can influence their methods.
  • Wizards use grimoires to absorb and hold ambient soul energy. They do not personally shape the magic that is released. Instead, their grimoires' spell pages do most of the work. The wizard's specialty is in understanding how to help the magic flow in and out of the grimoire.[1]

Incantations[ | ]

Spellcasting incantations are said in Engwithan or Eld Aedyran.[4] Incantations are used to help casters channel their power.[6]

Incantation Translation
"A ulu thenn." To ashes.
"Moeith ixi anath." Power of my soul.
"Lavaru bion sik." Speech cuts flesh.
"Brith u lichna." Bond of magic.
"Athek werthan roth." Return (to the) Wheel.
"Craeft afyllath thyr lim." Skill/strength fills their limb.
"Cwethe sealmes mihtum." I speak songs of power.
"Werde bylfan an sawel." Words embolden the soul.
"Cro ak ten!" Blood and fire!
"Sakrithu!" Damned!
"Ix maru!" Of death!

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