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Magran (Aedyran: MAH-grahn) is the goddess of war, fire and trials. Her followers are known as Magranites, popularly known for their boldness and quick wits[1]. Her priests commonly employ firearms and her symbol is a flame in the Aedyr Empire and the flaming bomb in Dyrwood.[2]


Magran is seen as a fierce woman, often a fire godlike, with black teeth, heavy plate armor and a great sword.[3]


Magran's followers tend to be soldiers, officers, tacticians, strategists and those who forge warfare devices. She is described as "not a goddess of battle lust or celebration as much as military excellence and passionate discipline". However, Magranites believe trials of adversity, such as warfare, is a challenge that can elevate kith.[4]

A more extreme understanding of trials of adversity were adopted by the followers of Durance in the Dyrwood, where she is a popular figure. They would seek out and test any they viewed as weak, often going as far as dispensing justice (which is traditionally an aspect of Woedica).[5]

One of the most noticeable symbols of Magran's power and guidance are the holy braziers topping figures made in her image. These are most common in Defiance Bay. Dyrwoodan piety is commonly seen as superstition in the Vailian Republics, though to most Dyrwoodans it's just being sensitive to the signs and warnings of the gods.[6]

Statues of Magran can be found all over the Dyrwood, but her worship has become extensively persecuted in Readceras, who were on the losing side of the war.[2][1]


Already known for their use of firearms, Magran priests from Ashfall collaborated to develop the Godhammer Bomb that destroyed St. Waidwen at Evon Dewr Bridge, ending the Saint's War. Magran had a direct hand in the victory after being goaded by Woedica.[7] Magranites led mobs during the Eothasian Purges following the war.[5]


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