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Magran's Teeth is a landmass in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Magran's Teeth is a long chain of volcanic islands along the northeastern edge of the Deadfire, stretching from Razai Passage in the north to the Ofecchia Channel in the east. Thought by many sailors as among the most treacherous places in the archipelago, it surrounds the storms of Ondra's Mortar and the lost city of Ukaizo within.

For protection from any who would want to steal fire from the gods or learn their secrets, the Rathun prowl the waters surrounding the Teeth. Much like the Eyeless served Abydon, the Rathun are giants of fire and earth made in the image of Magran.

Points of interest

Icon Ashen Maw.png
Ashen Maw: A major Rathun outpost.
Icon Camp.png
Urnox Berinth: The camp of the infamous Rathun warlord is located at 1° 14'S and 51° 59' E, in the middle of the Teeth.


  • Magran's Teeth had originally spanned the entire length of Ondra's Mortar, with volcanic islands replacing the regular island chains to the east and north. These islands can still be shown with console commands.
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