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Maimed is one of the negative status effects in Pillars of Eternity. The first time a character is reduced to 0 Health, he or she will be maimed instead of killed (if Maim Companions Before Death game option is turned on). Once a character has been maimed, he or she can only be healed through resting[1] and any further reduction of health will always result in death (ie. permanent dead state).


Maimed is a serious condition that inflicts grave combat penalties. Maimed character immediately fall unconscious and can't get back up until the end of combat. Once combat ends, they will gain 1 health and will regain their endurance as normal. Until their next rest, maimed characters can walk around like normal and can participate in combat, but they are weak and vulnerable combatants who are likely to drop in a single hit.[2] They suffer very bad penalties to their accuracy and all defenses. If they get hit again and are reduced to 0 Health, they will die permanently.[3]