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Maje Island is a landmass in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


A large island that hosts the first VTC colony in the Deadfire, split in half by a natural channel.


This is the starting island in the game and as such, its difficulty is modest.

Major locations
Icon Vilario's Rest.png
Vilario's Rest: A beautiful beach to the southwest of the island. The Defiant is beached here when you first start the game.
Icon Port Maje.png
Port Maje: The Vailian colony.
Icon Engwithan Dig Site.png
Engwithan Digsite: A former Engwithan ruin turned luminous adra refinery.
Minor locations
Icon Caravan.png
Ilonet's Fork: A crossroads in the western half of the island. Upon approaching it, you can sneak up (Stealth 1) and find a group of stranded pilgrims from Readceras. They are following Eothas and you can aid them for a reputation gain with the Children of the Dawnstars (or attack/ignore for the opposite). Of course, you can also help them and use Sleight of Hand to snatch their strongbox. Helping them requires 15 Might and is worth 15 silver fenning (Copper pands (cp)90).
Icon Forest Dark.png
Upoho Wharo Woods: Blocking the passage to the old battlefield, you can inspect the marks left behind on thee tree (Survival 2/Perception 12) to figure out that a wild boar left them - and find a magical sigil. Then you can sneak forward and hide in the bushes to find a tall island aumaua surrounded by boars... The old druid can be pacified by pointing out you are hunting Eothas or protecting the lands, which will result in him giving you the Wise Teeth Necklace.
Icon Forest Dark.png
Whakura Pass: A necessary stop on the way to the Engwithan Digsite. The trail is thoroughly disturbed and you can use Perception and Survival to search the area. With 13 Perception you can locate a trap and disarm it with 2 Mechanics. Further, you can search for the xaurips and engage them. A Ranger can send their animal companion to distract them, while a Cipher can stoke their anger and have them attack each other over the loot they stole from the travelers killed by Eothas. If they disappear, you can take what they left behind with impunity.
  • A burial site in the west.
  • An old battleground in the north.
  • A solitary rice farm on the peninsula to the south, offering trade in food at 50% discount. That includes rice, taar loaf, and lots of rice wine.
  • A shipwreck on the northeastern tip:
    • High chance of getting Huana color and resources.
    • Moderate chance of getting cannons.
    • Very low chance of getting Spyglass.

Nearby islands[]

  • A small temperate island to the west has Meryel the Mad and an abandoned village.