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[We take] anything that represents a moment or a memory someone wishes to leave behind. Love notes, awkward family heirlooms, bad poetry. The kinds of things you want to forget.

Maneha is a female aumaua barbarian and one of the recruitable companions in The White March - Part II.

She can be found in Stalwart Village in The White March - Part I (standing just west of the Temple of Ondra), as long as both expansions are installed and you return to Stalwart after having saved the village from the initial ogre attack in Durgan's Battery.

Background[ | ]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

The aumaua wears an assortment of bangles, bands, cuffs, and chains as thick as armor. She watches you with a raised eyebrow and eyes gleaming with mirth.

Maneha is one of Ondra's Giftbearers, looking for the Abbey of the Fallen Moon, an ancient ruin lost to the snows of White March. She was skeptical when other Giftbearers told her that Stalwart was way up in the mountains, so her attire is a little... odd for such a freezing place. However, she approaches adversity with her usual charm and laid-back attitude, treating the whole ordeal as an extended holiday.

Like Kana, Maneha was born in Rauatai. After her twentieth birthday, she departed the nation on a life on adventure. She spent a decade as a mercenary in Old Vailia, then time fighting for and against pirates in the Deadfire Archipelago, followed by a short stint in the White That Wends, Living Lands, and finally Ixamitl Plains where she joined the Giftbearers. Beneath the cheerful exterior lurks a woman haunted by her past... Or rather, that of her soul. During her tour of adventure in Old Vailia, around 2803 AI, she encountered a strange old woman in the basement of a palace she and her unit just secured. When she tried to reassure her, the woman grabbed her arm and she blacked out straight into a vision of something her soul's vessel did centuries ago.

The memory itself is something her soul experienced five centuries earlier, before the Aedyran unification. She was in charge of a troop of Aedyre soldiers subduing Kulklin villages on the frontier. By the time they reached the first village, she lost two thirds of her forces, half to the forest and half to the elven guerillas hiding inside. In the village, the elders and children spat on them, grudgingly offering them accommodations in the town hall... Then promptly tried to burn them down in the morning. They barely got a flame going, but that was enough to tip the scales. To prevent months of constant warfare and struggle, a bloody war of attrition in the jungle, the commander decided to sidestep the entire issue and send a message to the region.

Everyone in the village was nailed to the trees in the surrounding forest, left there to die.

Understandably, she wants to forget. Finding the Abbey and the Salt Well within it might be the one way to erase that memory... While working as a Giftbearer would help her attain her own peace by helping others find it.

Interactions[ | ]

The White March - Part II[ | ]

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The Burden of Memory

Companion[ | ]

  • Maneha becomes available in Stalwart after talking to Renengild and advancing the Durgan's Battery quest.
  • She is attracted to Pallegina, loving her earnestness. Plus, she has a thing for women in armor and positively adores her Vailian accent.
  • Similarly, when Kana flirtatiously praises her battle prowess, she calls him out on his flirtation and responds to his "I know I may be a little young, but I've always been a quick study!" with "and I've always preferred women."

Quests[ | ]

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire[ | ]

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If recruited in the expansion, she will appear in Dunnage, at The King's Coffin

Statistics[ | ]

Bonuses[ | ]




Initial points[ | ]

Maneha's initial skill, talent, and ability distribution depends on the level of the Watcher when she is first added to the party. The player is still free to distribute points into whatever skills, abilities, and talents they desire when a companion levels up, and they may be completely retrained at an inn. Unlike other companions, Maneha always starts at a minimum of level 4.

Level Skills Abilities Talents
1 Barbaric Yell
2 Weapon Focus: Knight
3 Savage Defiance
4 2 6 0 0 5 Accurate Carnage
5 3 7 0 0 5 One Stands Alone
6 3 7 0 0 6 Barbaric Blow
7 3 8 0 0 6 Thick-skinned
8 4 8 0 0 7 Stalwart Defiance
9 4 9 0 0 7 Barbaric Shout
10 4 9 0 0 7 Superior Deflection
11 4 9 0 0 8 Heart of Fury
12 4 9 0 0 9 Unstoppable
13 4 9 0 0 10 Barbaric Retaliation
14 4 9 0 0 10 Body Control
15 4 9 0 0 11 Echoing Shout
16 4 10 1 0 11 Mental Fortress

Behind the scenes[ | ]

  • Maneha was written by Carrie Patel.[1]
  • Before the 3.01 patch, Maneha had the following attributes: Mig: 19 Con: 15 Dex: 11 Per: 12 Int: 14 Res: 13

Gallery[ | ]