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Marux Amanth is a soulbound dagger in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. It can only be bound to a Paladin, Priest, or Rogue.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

This bronze blade, the length of your forearm and significantly sharper, doesn't seem at all tarnished or dulled by its age. A vein of adra runs its length, from the pommel through the grip and almost to the tip. It pulses faintly.

You located this dagger in the depths of Poko Kahara, where the murals suggested it was a sacrificial tool of ancient Engwith. It whispers its name to you.

"The Dead Soul."

Level 1
Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Caima accepts what comes next. They all do, of course - to an extent. Caima, though, she truly believes. A thousand thousand horrors fill this world, wonderful and terrible. Only Engwith remains steadfast against the storm. Only Engwith meets madness with reason.

Only Engwith, Caima whispers, as the knife falls.

Level 2
Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Koisos understands the process. Incision and excision, nothing simpler. Growth without guidance has for too long defined this wilderness. The world requires cultivation. Do not stare numbly into the darkness. Strike a light.

The instrument warms, ready. The device wakes. The gardener signals.

The knife falls.

Level 3
Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

It is finished. They have risen, birthed into being by our worthy sacrifices, idols made real. Now comes our true test, which is nothing less than total supplication before our creations. None must know of our guiding hand in their genesis. To that end, more blood will be spilled.


  • Engwithan Waystation Level Two: The room in the southeast has some barrels against the wall. Once destroyed, the wall to the next room opens and this weapon can be found there.

Soulbound upgrades[]

Upgrading the Marux Amanth can be easily achieved by throwing immolator bombs. The weapon doesn't seem too picky about fire damage sources.
Level Requirements Classes Value Damage Enchantments
1 Deal 250 Burn Damage. Paladin
Copper pands (cp)1,607 10-14
2 Deal 250 Damage to Vessels Paladin Copper pands (cp)1,807 10-14
Deal 250 Damage to Spirits Priest
  • Echoes of Faith: 10% chance to repeat attacks after 0.5s with Priest Spells
Deal 250 Damage to Kith Rogue
3 Kill 10 enemies with Marux Amanth Paladin
Copper pands (cp)3,007 14-20


  • A further soulbound upgrade is defined in the game files, adding Ultimate Sacrifice as an upgrade to Worthy Sacrifice, which grants the wielder all of their class resources back upon killing a friendly or enemy character with the ability.