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This article is about Eora's metaphysical concepts. For the passive skill, see Metaphysics.

A young field of knowledge, Metaphysics deals with animancy, adra, the Wheel, the In-Between, the Beyond, and all mysteries of the soul.
~ Cyclopedia

Metaphysics encompasses all known soul related concepts. Although most concepts are beyond the physical reach of kith, they have accepted them.[1]

Souls and rebirth[]

Adra pillars at the encampment just outside Cilant Lîs.

A Soul is an energy that can bind to an individual. When that individual dies, the energy moves forward in the eternal cycle of reincarnation, known as The Wheel.[1] Souls are comprised of soul essence[2], a power that can exist in places other than souls and is used in magic.

The Wheel is a natural phenomenon. After death, souls travel to a shadow world called the In-Between. Using pillars of adra, souls then enter a place known as The Beyond, the realm of the gods, before they are reincarnated back into the world.[3]


Main article: Animancy

Animancy is the science of soul manipulation. A field both controversial and relatively new (within the past few hundred years). Banned in some nations like Aedyr, but permitted in other countries like the Dyrwood and the Vailian Republics.[4]

Animacy has had varying degrees of success. In 2809 AI, animancers tried to solve a hollowborn crisis (children born without souls) known as Waidwen's Legacy by implanting the souls of animals into children. Unfortunately, those children became feral when hitting puberty, turning into Wichts.


A portion of The Beyond.

There are three known realms.

  • The Here: The physical world where the living are. The gods cannot interact with this realm directly in their current forms.
  • The In-Between: The shadow world that souls wander after death on their way to the Beyond. It has been described as a hazy landscape, empty but for the glow of other souls and adra. The gods and the living cannot interact with this realm. Only Watchers can peer into it and interact with lost souls.[5]
  • The Beyond: A metaphysical concept for where souls go after death before they are reincarnated back into the world. This is also the realm of the gods.[3]


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The gods are a group of 11 known entities. They have a direct hand in guiding kith and maintaining the Wheel. They are sustained by soul essence.[6]


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