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Skill Metaphysics.png

Metaphysics is a passive skill in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

A young field of knowledge, Metaphysics deals with animancy, adra, the Wheel, the in-between, the Beyond, and all mysteries of the soul.

Usage[edit | edit source]

As with other passive skills, Metaphysics is only used during conversations and scripted interactions, and otherwise has no effect on gameplay or combat mechanics whatsoever.

Initial bonuses[edit | edit source]

The following bonuses are applied as a result of a character's class and background.

Class bonuses:
Cipher +2
Druid +2
Monk +2
Wizard +2
Background bonuses:
Missionary* +1
Mystic +1
Scholar +1
Scientist* +1

Buffs[edit | edit source]

Passive effects[edit | edit source]

unlimited – obtained during gameplay

Name Modifier Duration
Kae's Training +1 Permanent

Equipment[edit | edit source]

unlimited – bonus while equipped

Type Item Enchantment Modifier
Ring Chameleon's Touch Versatile +1 (as Monk)

Pets[edit | edit source]

unlimited – bonus while equipped to either self or party

Pet Target Modifier
Animancy Cat Self +2
Xopn'aua Self +1
Boras [FS] Self +1

Prostitute boons[edit | edit source]

one – for the protagonist only, lasts until next rest.

Location Prostitute Modifier
Queen's Berth, The Wild Mare Aenalys +1

Consumable items[edit | edit source]

unlimited – to the user for a duration

Type Item Modifier Duration
Drug Svef +2 (crash effect) Until rest
Unguent Blessed Incense +2 120 sec

Notable uses[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

Type Item Enchantment Stat Formula
Large shield Cadhu Scalth
Luminous Dissonance
Luminous Harmony
Damage reduction (Metaphysics * -0.0025) + 0.95
Soul Strike
Soul Smite
Target defenses (Metaphysics * -1) + -5
Quarterstaff Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff
Soul Charge Damage with staff
Attack speed with staff
(Metaphysics* 0.005) + 1.05
Entropy Shield Damage reduction when hit (Metaphysics * -0.001) + 0.99
Soul Storm Damage and attack speed
bonus on consecutive hits
(Metaphysics * 0.005) + 1.05
Hunting bow Essence Interrupter
Electrical Conduit Damage as Shock (Metaphysics * 0.0025) + 0.05
Thermal Conduit Damage as Burn (Metaphysics * 0.0025) + 0.05