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Missing Sentries is a task in Pillars of Eternity.


Justiciar Wyla of the Crucible Knights is concerned about the constant disappearances among guards responsible for keeping the Heritage Hill district contained. Each pair of guards she assigns to the gates disappears eventually, with the gates of the district flung open. It's unclear whether someone wanted to get in or got out - and at any rate, she needs someone to go in and see what's happening to her warriors.


  1. Talk to Wyla in the Crucible Keep in First Fires about Heritage Hill and offer your support.
  2. Enter Heritage Hill and get some information about the missing guards from the Justiciar at the gate.
  3. Enter the mausoleum in the northeast of the district and deal with Leyra and the Justiciars the Cean Gŵla enthralled. It turns out that Leyra is the missing Crucible Knight commander who was tasked with securing the district. She succumbed to the undead, but not becoming one herself - utterly convinced that she is, in fact, alive and waiting for reinforcements.
  4. Report back to Wyla.

Role-playing tips[]

  • You will be pointed to Wyla and her task during another quest, so you might consider not to offer your support before.


  • Despite there being two possible end states to save the knights, you are not given a way to save them. They turn hostile as Leyra's dialogue ends and they remain hostile even after she is killed. While they are hostile, the player is in combat, preventing transition out of the mausoleum map.


ID Objectives
0 Missing Sentries
10000 Wyla, a justiciar in the Crucible Knights, has had several of her novitiates standing guard outside Heritage Hill go missing under mysterious circumstances.
1 Enter Heritage Hill.
10001 The gate to Heritage Hill is sealed, but Wyla told me that the guards would be expecting me.
2 Find the missing guards.
10002 The missing guards are likely somewhere in Heritage Hill.
20000 The guard at the gate said one of the guards on the last watch heard someone shouting an order. It sounded like it came from the northeast.
20001 The guard at the gate mentioned that both times the guards disappeared, the gate was unlocked. It's possible that the missing guards went inside Heritage Hill on their own for some reason.
20002 I've found the corpse of what appears to be a commander of the Crucible Knights. Wyla mentioned that one had disappeared just before Heritage Hill was locked up.
3 Speak to Wyla.
10003 I've dealt with Leyra and she will no longer trouble the Crucible Knights - or anyone else - in Heritage Hill. I should go to Crucible Keep in First Fires and tell Wyla what happened.
End states
Yes Dealt with banshee.
30000 I told Wyla that I'd dealt with Leyra's restless spirit in Heritage Hill. She was grateful to know what had happened to her missing novitiates.
Yes Saved some guards
30001 I told Wyla that I'd dealt with Leyra's restless spirit in Heritage Hill. She was grateful that not all her missing novitiates were dead.
Yes Saved all guards
30002 I told Wyla that I'd dealt with Leyra's restless spirit in Heritage Hill. She was grateful to know that all of her missing novitiates were safe.
No Wyla dead
30004 With Wyla dead, her missing novitiates are no longer of any concern to me.