Missives of the Hand Occult

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Missives of the Hand Occult
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Missives of the Hand Occult is a book in Pillars of Eternity about the deity Wael.

Description[edit | edit source]

Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

Dearest brother, or was it sister?

May this letter find you in well spirits. A man of thuggish bearing stormed into my library the other day and demanded I help him find a book on the construction of an arquebus. I thought it proper service to Wael to steer this man toward an illuminated manuscript on the subject of whittling toy soldiers and other miniature props. Unamused by my solution, I shrugged and said "What is an answer without a question?" He did not find my spiritual rhetoric helpful or amusing, and so he punched out two of my teeth. I trust your summer has been less tumultuous than mine?

In more important news, my apprentice claims she saw the Eyeless Face in a dream the other night! I admit, I was so mad with envy that at first I refused to believe her... Wael forgive me for such a lapse of judgment. She described an aumaua of brilliant blue hues with a featureless face surrounded by a swarm of eyes - no two eyes alike. She claims Wael ignored her questions, and she can't recall any specifics of what was said. In fact, my apprentice seems to have forgotten many things since before the visitation - she could not tell me where she grew up or what she liked to eat. At first I was so envious of her for having seen Wael with her own eyes... but it seems Wael's visit was to conceal, not to illuminate... I pray she endures this test of faith and can look back at the event and feel the joy of mystery.

What is an answer without a question? Last week, I felt the solution was "ignorance," but after Wael's visit, I feel "a road without length" is closer to the capturing the riddle. I worry my apprentice will look back at her visit from Wael and feel cheated - robbed of some moment of clarity we all thought we were owed when we first joined... I tried to tell her she was lucky but she was too young to understand. What is an answer without a question? May I be dead and my soul scattered to the winds before anyone knows for certain.