Mowrghek Îen

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Mowrghek Îen
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The White March - Part II
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Mowrghek Îen is a wilderness area in The White March - Part II. It appears on the world map after you have started the quest The Phylactery's Promise.

Background[edit | edit source]

This boggy expanse of wilderness is a stretch of incredibly fertile soil, filled with mushrooms and trees as far as the eye can see, overgrowing Engwithan ruins.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • You enter the bog from the northeast. Much of the quadrant is fairly peaceful, but if you stray from the roads, you are liable to run into groups of bog bats supported by lurkers and spores.
  • Down south, near the eastern edge of the map, is Herla, a stranded dwarven merchant who starts the task Bogged Down. Her partner is in the south-east, trapped by a mushroom magic circle.
  • The center of the map is dominated by a sinking Engwithan ruin, with some bog cultists near the entrance. Approach the uppermost level and you can interact with a part of the wall for a scripted interaction. You can get down by climbing, using a rope to help climbing, or jumping down. Failing unspecified status checks leads to an injury to one member of your group. This can be avoided at least if everyone has 5 or more Athletics and you use the rope, otherwise the member with lowest Athletics score is the one getting hurt. Afterwards you have access to a corpse that can be looted for Acuan Giamas (doing so will spawn some hostile spirits).
  • Over the bridge near the leaning ancient tower in the northern part of the map is a large group of wild creatures, including a bog dweller supported by bats and oozes. Pilfer the body for Hunter's Mail and the crates to the north for a bog batling.
  • The western part of the map is accessible along the southern edge of the map, right through a large cultist settlement. It's a long, arduous battle through very demanding enemies who prowl the area in large groups. Arcanist Badrwn is at the western edge of the camp, with a chest containing Badrwn's notes nearby, needed to solve Bogged Down.

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