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PE2 Nairi.png
Biography and appearance
Game Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
Race Island aumaua
Gender Female
Culture Deadfire Archipelago
Faction Huana
Class Priest of Eothas
Level 6
  • Health: 108
Accuracy 35 / 35
Penetration 7 / 7
Defenses Def: 35 Fort: 53 Ref: 39 Will: 38
DR 3
Elemental DR Slash: 3
Pierce: 3
Crush: 3
Shock: 3
Freeze: 3
Burn: 3
Corrode: 3
Abilities Among the Waves, Holy Radiance, Barbs of Condemnation, Interdiction, Sunbeam, Pillar of Faith, Repulsing Seal, Spiritual Weapon (Priest of Eothas), Withdraw, Divine Mark, Watchful Presence
Location Tikawara
Quests The Storms of Poko Kohara
Body Mataru Clothing
Internal Name
GUID cb646e94-00ab-4bc7-97ad-045113375fb4

Nairi is a character in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.


Items in italics are quoted directly from the game.

This woman is young, but her serious manner makes her look much older. Her nose and ears are pierced in several places, and her mouth is twisted in a scowl.

Nairi is the representative of the conservative side of Huana culture, one hostile to all they deem outlanders. She resents Rauatai, the Vailian Trading Company, and others who encroach on Huana lands - not without a reason, as there is a history of blood and misery between the native people of Deadfire and foreigners.

She is at odds with the Tikawaran ranga, Ruānu, believing his leadership to be weak and ineffectual and that it would be the doom of the Tikawaran people if his appeasement of foreigners continued. There is a personal factor in this: When her father, Anahāru, tried to persuade Ruanu to not accommodate the VTC expedition, he failed and challenged the ranga to a Trial of Waters. In the ensuing challenge, he was defeated and condemned to be forgotten by the tribe. Nairi got one more reason to resent him.


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This character allows free resting.
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This character is involved in quests.

The Storms of Poko Kohara

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This character has other interactions.
  • With a Mercenary background or Streetwise 3 you can tell her off in the initial conversation.
  • An island aumaua Watcher with the Deadfire Archipelago culture, or an orlan Watcher also has unique introductory dialogue.
  • If Ranga Ruānu dies, Nairi will become leader in the end-game slides.


  • The Storms of Poko Kohara: Nairi argues that the only way Tikawara can be protected is by destroying the pillar of luminous adra. Upon completion, if you destroyed the pillar you will be able to rest for free at the Tikawara shrine.
  • If you return with the Ngati Idol, you can confront her about its curse. If you refuse to return it to her, she will attack.
  • You can also return Beza's Pages to her to confirm her suspicious.

Companion reactivity[]


When first meeting her, if the Watcher is an orlan, after Nairi says

"More outlanders? Are your masters so desperate that they send you to plunder a starving village?"

You can respond with the self-own:

"It's difficult to plunder when you can't reach the shelves, my lady."

And she says:

"Hmph. Maybe not, but your kind have surprised me in the past."
Companion Dialogue
Serafen "I've always been partial to the old double-tall orlan trick, meself. Get one of us sitting on another's shoulders, then drape the whole mess in a buttoned-up long coat. Were a favorite back on the Sorcerer."

He chuckles quietly.

When first meeting her, if the Watcher has the Deadfire Archipelago culture and is an island aumaua, and Tekēhu is in the party:

"So, the foreigners now send Huana to enslave Huana?" She sniffs, curling her upper lip back.
Companion Dialogue
Tekēhu "No one chains Tekēhu, I say. Well. Except Rabyuna."

He rubs along his neck and smiles, the shallow mark of a collar standing out in his flesh.

To which Nairi reponds:
"Shameless clown!" She folds her arms and stamps her foot.

Following her description of Ngati where she points towards the statue

Companion Dialogue
Xoti (Minor Pro-Gods)
"You worship Gaun same as I do. At least in Neketaka. But I'll admit I've never called Ondra, 'Ngati.'"

After Nairi explains that the ranga is too trusting, and that he believes that the Vailians will protect Tikawara if they settle and mine Poko Kohara

Companion Dialogue
Pallegina (Minor Pro-Vailian Republics)
"They will. It is what the Company has done throughout the Eastern Reach. Why not here?"

Asking what Nairi thinks will happen if the Vailians move in:

"They will kill us, rob us, enslave us.
"And we will be too busy building their halls and sweeping their docks to fight." She bites her lip in a bitter frown.
Companion Dialogue
Serafen "Not sure if you and me be sharing the same definition of slavery, lass, but I don't think you be getting the particulars wrong."

He scratches behind his ear.

To which Nairi responds:
"The pirate knows nothing of this, I say!" She looms over Serafen and clenches her fists at her sides.

After saying "Ruānu seems confident that Tikawara will draw in much trade.", she draws a comparison with Neketaka, calling it a "A den for foreign traders to wallow in bathhouses while the Huana feed on trash."

Companion Dialogue
Tekehu "You can always tell when someone has not visited the bathhouse, I say."

To which Nairi responds:
"I pray that Ngati knew what she was doing when she sent you into the world." Nairi touches her brow and sighs.

When she's explaining that those who make for Poko Kohara are doomed to be devoured by Ngati.

Companion Dialogue
Xoti (Minor Pro-Eothas)
"Forgive me for saying, but I ain't afraid of your goddess. I got a divine purpose - and so blessed protection from my god."

To which Nairi responds:
"How comforted these outsiders must feel when they lie to themselves as well."

Pallegina (Minor Anti-Gods)
"As though they care what happens to any of us. Per complanca. You are young, but not so young to be this naive."

To which Nairi responds:
"We have cause to respect the gods in the Deadfire, daughter of Amira." She places special emphasis on the last phrase.

After giving her Beza's Pages, and saying that she was right to be wary of the Vailians.

Companion Dialogue
Pallegina (Minor Negative Relationship) (Minor Pro-Vailian Republics)
"Again, this is nonsense. Beza's notes are her own. Her mad fantasies should not disgrace the Company by association."

Pallegina's eyelids narrow and jaw clench in frustration.

Upon confronting her after discovering she drove the Vailians to their deaths.

Companion Dialogue
Pallegina "Nisca merla! Their deaths are on you!"

Her jaw clenches so tightly you can hear her teeth grinding..


When she suggests destroying the adra pillar at Poko Kohara:

Companion Dialogue
Maia "So much the better if it means one fewer island with a Vailian flag planted on the beach."
Tekēhu "Adra is the life of the Deadfire. This is not done, I say."

To which Nairi responds:
"We are the life of the Deadfire! Even if Ngati tells us to defend green rocks." She pounds her chest and glares at Tekēhu.

Eder "It's always 'destroy.' It's never 'renovate.'"
Pallegina "Destroying a vein of precious luminous adra is foolish, childish, and of benefit to no one - certainly not the tribe she hopes to protect."
Serafen "Scuttle the boat to keep the boarders from your booty? Ain't the first time a body's had that thought."

He chuckles as he plucks a bit of lint from the fur on his forearm.

Xoti "Sometimes the ends justify the means." She nods.
Aloth If he decided to take Thaos' place in Pillars of Eternity:
"I don't doubt your intentions, but isn't this a little rash?

"No offense, but you seem... a little young to make this decision on behalf of your entire tribe." He winces.

To which Nairi responds:
"I am old enough to have seen the greed of foreigners, elf."

If he decided to dismantle the Leaden Key in Pillars of Eternity:
"We saw how the Vailians took over Port Maje. Imagine a similar scenario with a less... amiable governor."

To which Nairi responds:
"Ekera, your friend sees the shape of things."

When she asks for the Ngati Idol back:

"Give it to me. Please. Then I will see that it brings no harm to anyone else."
Companion Dialogue
Maia (Minor Anti-Huana)
"These people have no respect for the ancient law of 'finders keepers.'"
Tekēhu (Minor Pro-Huana)
"An earnest plea, I say."
Edér "How many times you suppose she's used that line?"
Pallegina "Di verus? I would sooner trust a child with a fleet of gunships."

She makes a dismissive gesture with a feathered hand.

Serafen "On one hand, she looks in a killing mood, cap. On the other, it be ours now, law of the sea being the law of the sea."
Xoti "Aw, Watcher. She is asking nicely..."
Aloth If he decided to take Thaos' place in Pillars of Eternity:
"And that her own misdeeds don't come to light.

"We can't help her cover this up." He glares coldly at Nairi.

If he decided to dismantle the Leaden Key in Pillars of Eternity:
"As regrettable as those deaths were, what choice did she have? Are we to punish her for attempting to aid her people?" He looks at Nairi, disturbed but stricken.